The option to change the appearance of Hearthlings during setup

This is just me, but when making a new game file and rolling for Hearthlings with the right stats for your game, the option to be able to change the appearance of a Hearthling would be a nice touch. An example is you have a character in the group when setting things up for your new game has max stats of 6/6/6. You don’t like the model of the character the character isl so you click on the profile picture of the character, and depending on which mouse button you click, will cycle through the available Hearthling models. You can have the 6/6/6 Hearthling look like Fryer Tuck, or the girl with the pigtails. It’s all up to the player.


I’m pretty sure this has come up on the discourse multiple times. But, I do agree that Fryer Tuck is indeed a fearsome one!