Stonehearth Avatar Creator

Hello, it’s me again. I know I seem to want to do everything, from writing stories to modding, but this one is actually something I can (probably) do!

Here is my proposal: I make a program that will allow you to create a custom Hearthling. This would be useful for creating avatars for, you know, maybe this discourse?

[I wonder if Radiant would allow me to set up a mmo-rpg set in the Stonehearth world… It could use the generation from Stonehearth, you could tell your Hearthling to chop trees, mine, craft items, different players could literally BE their Hearthling… Please Radiant, let me do it! If not, I could always create a role-playing thread.]

Either way, should I make the creator?

So, that was today’s Idea That Probably Won’t Happen.

Update: Yesterday’s Idea That Probably Won’t Happen can Happen! Well, sorta. No mmo-rpg.
Update 2: It is under way.


I think it could have a ton of uses – as you say there’s the in-game creation screen, but that’s only good for specifically portrait shots. It’s also limited in how you “frame” them – they only get the embarkation screen portrait that way; whereas with a custom program you could set the background and probably go a lot further.

I’m guessing that you plan a 2D image generator, but if you could hook into the game’s existing models to generate a 3D hearthling “made to order” (I’m thinking just a static model, but you could probably even pose it or give us a menu with a couple of poses to choose from…), that would open the door to so many more uses.

It would even allow us to export those models and have them 3D printed, creating custom hearthling avatars to sit on desks!

So yeah, I think you should go for it. Maybe you get there and maybe you don’t, but either way you’ll learn something along the way and get some coding practice… and it may just turn into something awesome!


I’d love to have an custom avatar creator. As you can see, I kinda still need one.

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@Matthias An avatar creator would be awesome! :smiley:

An MMO RPG would be an amazing feat, but in that case, don’t relate it to Stonehearth. Go ahead and make it your own game, set in your own awesome world! Then we can celebrate your hard work as YOUR hard work. :slight_smile:


Is the Avatar Creator all good? As in I’m allowed to?

Edit: Nevermind. I think you saying it would be awesome is enough confirmation.

If you want inspiration, one of our users did something similar a while back:

He was using modified models and a different engine.


That sounds a little like you want him to go away… :joy:

Hi again. I was wondering if there was a Stonhearth Font (like what’s in the screen when you are customizing your hearthlings) or anything. If it exists, I’d like to use it in my creator.
I guess I could poke around the code for that, but, I’m not sure you want us doing that.