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I actually was playing around with my old project tonight and wondering if it could be used for anything.
Afterall I spent so many hours on it…

Me wondering what to do

If I come up with anything, i’ll update on this thread,
Might be neat playing as some of these characters in a 3rd person perspective.


3rd person perspective with a base character model just for animations sakes.

Jumping, walking, running, slashing, and falling animations were made by me.


Super cool man, animation is tough stuff.

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Love your work :smiley: keep it up :smiley:

I’ve been programming for about 7 years now and I’ve never liked the art side of it all.
But it was relatively easy with the pivots, just annoying to get it to look ‘just right’

So I decided to move away from using the stonehearth models(for many reasons) and took another look at the my Dragoon model(who is structured differently, existent legs, etc) also for a less Chibi feeling.

I had combat working the other night, but since the model is really different I’ll have to re-do all the animations.

Combat working before

But I did spend a couple hours today getting the starts of an ‘inventory system’ basically where you can swap out armors/weapons/hats/ hairs.


Got the dual wielding mechanic with melee weapons to work(for now).
Now uses a mixture of attacks(left->right->double) if you’re dual wielding, and only the appropriate hand if you’re not.
Weapon swapping includes an empty space for no weapon.


Looking awesome man :smiley:

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Thanks @TurtleSquish!

Got around to finishing walking/running animations.

Got them mixing with the attacking animations though attacking is still wonky(when holding down attack button it attacks once then waits a few secs to continuously attack)


Today’s been a super productive day…
Jumping/falling animations
Who doesn’t like a nice flowey cape?


Your just crankin em out. Let’s hear it for @Aviex!


Taking full advantage of the couple days I have off work :slight_smile:

Time to spend a couple hours in Qubicle… Need more weapons, armor, capes, mobs… pretty much everything


So I got a start of a 'standard weapon set’
Basically all steel weapons at the moment.
The special weapons will be rare drops from special mobs (possibly a Dragon I have gathering dust in a folder @8BitCrab ;))


Monsters and Dragons, Oh My!

Got a new target to beat up.

Finished rigging him and set up an Idle pose for now.


So modified the dragon even more cause it looked TOO much like the original artwork(a mod a friend of mine made for Trove) and also re-did its rig cause some of the wing and body movements weren’t good when I tried a walking animation.

I’ll probably re-color eventually but that’s easy, getting it to look good when animated is the more difficult part.

Man vs Dragon who will win? (Attacking and walking coming soon)


So I spent most the day on the coding side of things but I have gotten a walking animation for my little dragon.

I spent most the day setting up the ability to climb slopes rather than having to jump up every one. Still a little jittery but whatever, that’s fine for no.


Here is a demo of the current state of ‘battle’

I still need to add the climbing of slops for enemies but it’s coming along.

Dragon still needs:
Dying animation
Running animation
Sprinting animation(?)

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I noticed when I was recording the dragon fighting gif that things got hard with the current control system to keep track of your target. So I added in a targetting system(shout out to Zelda twilight princess) that aims the camera at a point between you and the target and will release the target if you try to turn away too much(for swift retreats and such)
Targetting can be toggled between enemies and will prioritize the target centermost on the screen.

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Spent the night working on enemy spawning and roaming movement.
Can’t really tell what everything is here but you can see some dragons spawning and roaming aroun randomly.
Two of them do stop and seem to be attacking something in the top left-ish(that something is me :frowning: )


Added in a quick check to make sure they don’t roam off the map or something by random luck.
They’ll stay near where they spawned relative to their spawn area.