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Hello, my name is Grant, but I go by Aviex on most parts of the internet, so feel free to call me that.
Here’s a high detailed, Stonehearth-style model I made of myself wearing my favorite hoodie(literally modeled based off a picture of me)

#0 Aviex/Grant, Me

I’ve spent years(has it really been that long…) modeling voxel models for games like minecraft, cubeworld, trove and recently Stonehearth
Idk why I just really like the style of models Stonehearth uses(floating hands ftw)
Anyways, I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year working on models for stonehearth and never really considered displaying them on the forums. I had considered posting them on the reddit but I’ve been to busy to actually… do that
Anyways, I’ll slowly(or rapidly) start putting up each of the models I’ve made(at least the good 1’s) up on this thread.
I don’t wanna just say “here’s a zombie” and that’s that. Due to the fact that I don’t plan on actually putting any of these in the game with mods of sorts I really wanna add a background/lore of sorts to each ‘character’ or so to give them life.
Sorta like the ‘hero’ of your city.
Feel free to give an advice/suggestions.

#1 The master of stealth and recon, Lloyd, the scout hearthling

This is the scout, his role? Stealth and Recon.
What is his job? To sneak into enemy headquarters unnoticed by patroling footmen and loot(and kill, if necessary)
What’s he do?
The Scout sleeps all day and goes out at night to preform his mission. Unlike most Hearthlings the Scout’s need for sleep won’t get in the way of his task at hand.
Anyways, tell me what you guys think and feel free to give suggestions regarding any aspect of his attire.

#2 The legendary Archer, Aviex Hood

I have made this model for quite some time now,like… when Stonehearth was first announced and on kickstarter I tried to mimic the model in qubicle(which i was using for another game at the time) and made the archer(which appears in my profile pic)
But yea, it’s a simple archer with a robin hood hat, cause runescape installed the idea robin hood was the go-to archer headwear.
Tell me what you think! :smile:
EDIT: I actually put an outdated image here. Changed it

#3 Vane the Fire Breather

I really wanted to work on a fun and less serious ‘character’ of sorts a while back and thought of Vane.
Vane is a carefree ‘pirate’ who spends all his time on looting and all his loot on booze.
Vane is from a tribe of islanders who are occasionally born with the ability to breath fire.
However, even though Vane was born with this ability his fire breathing skills are rather… subpar
To make up for his lack of ability Vane uses the alcohol in the booze he drinks to increase his flames.
Well… that’s about it

#4 Rafael the Master Swordsman

So I put this image up the other day in reply to someone talking about a swordsman, that would dual wield but it actually wasn’t the finished model.
Rafael is a dual wielding swordsman carrying a twinblade in each hand. Despite carrying such massive swords Rafael is able to swing the swords at very high speeds. Rafael only focuses on offense, and as we all know the best defense is an ungodly offense. Rafael dons a mask to cover his lower face(possibly from war scars), shoulder pauldrons and armored gloves, to at least give himself some ‘armor’.

#5 Heath, the Dragoon

Somewhere deep in the Voxel mountains live a small city of Hearthlings with an expert ability to hunt. But due to the wide array of elevation, the main physical feat they must master is that of jumping, enter the Dragoons.
Dragoons are selected warriors of this village, sent out to fight of hostile threats with their spears. Now everyone that everybody knows of dragoons none of this might seem like a surprise to you. But do you know the story of the first Dragoon?
There once was a hunter in this village and despite being the best hunter in the village, the elders wouldn’t allow him to join the militia. They’d often make excuses, “you’re too young” and “we need you to provide food”, but this boy wouldn’t take no for an answer. One morning, bright and early the boy asked the main village elder what it’d take for him to allow the boy to join the military, in his drowsy daze the elder said if the boy managed to kill the dragon that lies atop the mountain he would let him join. Now obviously he thought “nobody would be stupid enough to try and take on the dragon” but the boy was determined. After a long journey that lasted days, the boy found the dragon and surprisingly enough, slayed it. But he knew merely claiming he accomplished such a feat would not slide with the elders. So he sliced off both the dragon’s wings and brought them back with him. The villagers shocked that he managed to slay the dragon where many more experienced warriors had failed decided to grant him the title of Dragoon, ‘Mightiest of the Militia’ and thus Heath the Dragoon was born. Donning the wings of the beast he had slain on his back, though nonfunctional, Heath strikes fear in the hearts of those who appose him.

#6 Ethelein, General of the Dytherian Army

Ethelein’s story is a simple one. Girl abandoned by her father and mother when she was young due to lack of money to feed her. Is found by a high ranking officer of an invading army and made a personal slave. Ethelein stands out amongst the other slaves as fierce and despite a lack of education, quick-witted. Despite Ethelein’s intellect she doesn’t show any anger towards her captors, she actually shows them great respect. Upon the death of her master, the military officer who had found Ethelein, all the slaves are sent to be foot soldiers for a quickly approaching war. Ethelein once again shines amongst her peers and is swiftly made into an actual private of the army. Through many wars Ethelein shows her talents and gets promoted, eventually ending up one of the Generals of the Dytherian Army.
<img src="//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/stonehearth/original/3X/6/5/65ad0319ac0e4fbf1f8d6c4c7cdadec3565deb7b.gif" width=“690” height=“319”

#7 Vepar, Duke of Dragons

Vepar was born in a small village, Salanczar, in the mountains known as dragon’s peek. His village, being so close to the dragons, learned to live with the dragons in harmony. Until one day Vepar’s village was burned down by a nearby tribe from the village of dragoons. The dragoons and the Salancians were always at war due to the dragoons refusing to understand how humans and dragons can live together. Often portaying the Salancians are vile, lesser-humans the dragoons were taught from birth that they were the enemies. On the other hand the Salancians were often taught the dragoons are simply misguided and need to be shown/taught how to live with the dragons in peace. After the Salanczar was burned down Vepar and a few survivors decided it was time the dragoons were taught a lesson.

Doning the scaled hides of dragons slain by the dragoons the Salancians came at the dragoons with much force. The dragoons, never haven seen this side of the Salancians, were taken by surprise and within days of the start of the battle many dragoons were slain. Though the villages are both dwindled in comparison to their former numbers, even to today it is said the dragoons and Salancians are still quarreling;


If you wouldn’t mind, please try to have 1 dedicated “Creations” thread to avoid cluttering :slight_smile: Good Progress btws


i like it! and as @Pandemic said, perhaps just make it one general “creations” thread

I don’t think I have another creations thread, but I’ll be sure to change it.


ALL MY YES!!! I want this in game yesterday! Someone fire up the delorean for me.

I added the model that is present in my profile picture if anyone wanted to see/give feedback on it.
It’s rather simplistic in design.

i like it :smile:

[quote=“Aviex, post:1, topic:11771”]
[/quote] wow… being, like, 5-7 years since i played that game…

Yeah, I started playing it back in… 1st grade?
Back on runescape classic… It’s been ages since I’ve played it but man, that robin hood hat’s stats for ranged weapons. TOO STRONG

I actually put an older version of the archer there. I’ve since changed it.

Added another model, imo one of my favorites.
I really should slow down on the rate of which I put models on this but I really wanna show off some of the 1’s I’ve been spending lots of time on.
Oh yeah, I added a bio of sorts at the beginning of the thread.

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@Aviex What kind of program do you use to make the voxelart ?

I’ve always used qubicle, from their 1.x professional edition to their recent qubicle 2.0 master edition.
I keep both mostly because I like the turntable rendering that qubicle 1.x supports to show off models from all angles. I use qubicle 2.0 for everything else.
Some for work, mostly for fun.


Added Rafael, the Dual Wielder.

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I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been rather busy on a mod I’ve been working on, but I finally got around to writing ‘Lore’ for my next model. Heath, the Dragoon.

I had a spear with him… but Idk where it went… :confused:

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@Aviex I just stumbled across your work :smiley: its amazing stuff. Your previous voxel skills are clearly showing here. The legendary Archer is my favorite of your works. Keep it up, its great to see another voxel modeler on the discourse.

Just a personal thing, for Rafael the weapons are a bit…well not realistic which is fine. Especially when considering the general theme of Rafael. But I would love to see your perspective on a realistic knight.

Otherwise, great work. Thanks for posting.

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Yeah, the other(more realistic) swords I had made are currently being used on a game in development, so idk if I’m allowed/should post those with the model of Rafael or else I would’ve. :sweat_smile:


I added a Model of well… ME
It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, it’s a high detailed(3x scale) model so not typical for in-game use but more just for fun.
Gotta get that detail in my curls :laughing:
Comments/feedback are greatly accepted


wow thats amazing work man!

Qubicle is a real pain with larger objects… was really hard to get detail in every nook and crany

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A little late on a ‘weekly’ addition to the collection(not sure if this will be a thing)
I really wanted to work with different hairstyles this time(they never turn out right :weary:)
Anyways, new to the collection is Ethelein, General of the Dytherian Army.

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Hey I actually did take your advice and instead of using an already done sword I reworked his old twinblades into more ‘realistic’ longswords of sorts. Tell me what you think when you can. :grin: