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I would but I’m afraid I can’t see the pictures for #5 #6 is anyone else having that problem?

paging @SteveAdamo or @Relyss

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But it’s #4
I also cannot see #5 and #6 though


if you click the bottom part when you hover over it then it zooms in and you can see it.

It’s probably just in general too many .gif files at such high resolution that computers are like ‘nope, you don’t need to see more’


your creations are to epic for our eyes, and our computers know this and are sparing us…


I can’t see #3, #5 or #6 … let’s see if this works:




edit: weeeeird


hu-rray? Can you see this one?

I always suspect that huge gifs or gifs with too many frames give problems.

So the next time, change the settings so the viewport for rendering is smaller than your Desktop size. My browser lagged trying to render the full size of this gif. But it might be my browser’s fault and not the gif’s…

Although this doesn’t explain why ones could be seen and not the others, since all have the same size :confused:


Might be a html problem…
Or a forum(discourse) problem… limited number of images(or just gifs) per post?
Idk… I only appear to be unable to see #5
Edit: I thought maybe because it was different dimensions(1904x882) but then i noticed that #3’s dimensions are also that…

Okay guys, I tried to do something a little different with the newest model(Ethelein) along with the new hair, I tried to make a heavily armored and strong woman model, so I changed the backstory a little and I made it into a higher detail model.
Also fixed the super solid black back of the armor with a little style.

Yeah, #6 in the original post is showing up fine for me again too… it’s just #5 now.


I also just changed #6

@Aviex I’m liking Rafael, maybe change the red on his sword to a gray? In general I love the little bits of lore you add to your pictures.

Thankssssssssssss :smile:
Any opinions on the different style for warrior female on the last 1?
and any opinions how i can make the hair better?

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Something more like this?

hmm, maybe not though. It doesn’t really fit his outfit. The original red goes better with him I think.

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I’m liking that :smiley: good work.

I’ve slowly touched up some of the models much later after finishing them.
Mostly due to the fact that I actually start them late at night and me at 2am can’t tell things like his cape(originally) was off-centered and going into his head… :sweat_smile:

I’ve failed again to upload a new creation on a weekly basis.
Hope you guys like the newest creation even though it’s late. :sweat_smile:

I’m also gonna start putting the pictures of the new ones on these first post since there was problems with the images loading in the first post before.

I made 2 designs for Vepar, one with just the upper jaw and then one with both, I like parts about both but not sure which is better…


i like both also. i guess for realitys sake, if it actually is the head of a beast and not just a “fake” head, then it wouldnt have the lower jaw.