Aviex's Creations

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking.
I actually have a dragon made that I ripped the head off of and made some slight alterations to make it work…

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dude, you must upload a pic, i really want to see your dragon. or you could even just PM me a pic if you dont want it in here for some reason.

It’s not ‘ready’ though i think I have a older screenshot I could send you.
It’s half re-colored at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Absolutely amazing models. I prefer the first one. Nice work as always @Aviex

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I’m currently working on more… bestial style models, such as dragons and 7 story tall hydra-like beasts… for example obviously. :wink:

I made a fox model that was more of a familiar/mount style model a couple months back and I haven’t really spent much time re-visiting that sort of creation since then. I’m really hoping to get a bigger variety of creations rather than just “dude #9” though dude #13 might be pretty sweet…
Fox mentioned above btw


nice, but comes nowhere near the awesome scale and look of your dragon :wink:

Obviously dragons are gonna look a bit sweeter.
i made a shuriken a while back for a game I was thinking of creating and instead of a ban hammer GM’s would wield ban stars and just chuck them at players breaking the rules, obviously there might be some mishaps to occur if their aim wasn’t… true


Just a little realism suggestion for the fox. try bulking up his “shoulders” and leaving an indention between them to make it look more muscly. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I went back and ‘finished’ the Dragon Knight.
Been a while since I’ve worked on melee weapons.
Anyways here’s the ‘final’ product!
Tell me what you think


looks good :+1:

(20 chars)

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Absolutely epic. I’m loving the background. And the ax is cool too.

[size=7]It’s a halberd…[/size]

Also any advice to make this look… better?

@8BitCrab Finished the wings for the dragon, so like a logical person i tried throwing those wings on the Vepar
Here’s the end results


Monday update:
Scary Dragon Man

Swimsuits[size=6]who says blocks can’t be pretty[/size]


I’d go and have another look at the feet I think. Hearthling feet are quite big and more rounded.

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But I had to stress they’re not wearing shoes…
Eh I’ll look into a better way

Check out the naked (well, underwear-only) hearthlings in stonehearth.smod - even those have big feet :slight_smile: .


I’d prefer the separate threads so I can easily see the new additions and there aren’t as much to risk cluttering.
Also the creations of new folk would be easier to find and get more exposure, imo.

Sadly though that may be the case. I was told to make a single creations thread

ah, my apologies friend, but it can just clutter up the discourse if a new thread is made for every creation. it isnt necessarily set in stone, just try not to make a million different threads kinda thing.