[WIP] Aviex's Game: Realm of Rune

Realm of Rune

Current version: v0.0.6

Hey guy’s I’ve recent been working on a game solo for about a month now and I’ve been posting frequent updates in my creation page, but since I’ve been given the ‘okay’ by Team Radiant I’ve decided to post info about the game and possible release/testing dates on here. I will continue to post cool new models or animations of objects going into the game on my creation’s topic but I’ll post more game-oriented things here.
Aswell as possible ‘test builds’ that you guys can download, play and give feed back on.

I did make a demo video of the RPG mechanics in the game as of the other day.
Which can be seen here.

I also have many gif and pictures of the game up to this point posted on my creations page.


Survival RPG

Third Person Perspective

# of players
Currently designed to be a single player game, possibility of co-op multiplayer support in the future

Generic Rundown of the Game
You’re a young boy/girl that has just reached the coming of age for your village, and you’re tasked with going out on your own and becoming an adult. The game starts with you exiting the village gates and them being shut behind you. Outside the village is hostile terrain where monsters lie, you are left to take care of yourself and weather any obstacle that may come your way.

You start out as a clean slate, tabula rasa if you may, throughout the game you are able to level up skills to increase your chances of survival, becoming a better blacksmith unlocks the abilty to craft better, becoming a better shipwright unlocks the ability to make better boats, you get the point.


  • Melee Combat (ability to use better melee weapons and hit more damage with them)
  • Ranged Combat (ability to use better ranged weapons and hit more damage with them)
  • Magic Combat (ability to use better magic weapons and hit more damage with them)
  • Endurance (increase max health/stamina, regeneration rates and how long you can go without eating)


  • Woodcutting (ability to use better axes and cut better wood)
  • Mining (ability to use better pickaxes and mine better ore)
  • Fishing (ability to catch better fish)
  • Hunting (ability to skin better animal carcasses)
  • Farming (ability to farm better crops)


  • Shipwright (ability to create better ships)
  • Smithing (ability to create better armor/weapons)
  • Cooking (ability to cook better food)
  • Fletching (ability to craft better ranged gear)
  • Alchemy (ability to craft better potions and tonics)
  • Leathersmith (ability to craft general equipment(capes, etc))

Crafting stations

  • Dock (wood/materials->Boats)
  • Anvil (ores->bars->equipment)
  • Cooking (raw ingredients->cooked food)
  • Fletching table(wood->bows)
  • Alchemist Table(plants/animal parts->potions/tonics)
  • Leathersmith(animal hides->tanned hides->leather gear)

Shallow water

  • No aggro monsters
  • Lower level fish are caught
  • Relatively safe

Deep Ocean

  • Aggro sea monsters
  • Better fish caught

Day-Night cycle

  • Less predators(wolves, dragons, lions,etc)
  • Peaceful Animals roaming(rabbits,cows,horses,foxes)


  • More dangerous
  • Predators spawning closer to the player
  • Very few peaceful animals out(possibly eaten by the predators)
  • Aggro sea creatures in shallow waters

Hunger gage that will grow with Endurance, eating food will satisfy it, when it reaches 0 you will start to lose health every XX seconds.

Random Towns
In the game there will be towns you can encounter and in these towns you can pay the town chief to house you for the night. When inside the town you are safe from wild monsters outside, you are able to save the game(only inside the town), trade vendors, and effectively skip the night.

I’m not 100% on this at the moment, but the aim of the game is to be difficult. There may be difficulty settings that you can choose from at the start that will impact the game in varying ways. Current ideas on the idea board are

  • Saving only available when inside a town,whether it’s your start town or a random town
  • Only one save applicable per run through the game.
  • Save deleting upon losing(maybe only on harder difficulty settings)
  • Certain monsters/bosses/items only accessible through harder game settings(think Terraria).

Before I put up my first test build that you all can play around on if you want, I’m setting up a very basic main menu screen and basically a finished(maybe a few things to come) Character creation screen although more hairs are needed still.

Still need to change the player’s spawning set-up so you can load saved games and retain your items/levels.


Got loading to read in the correct player information.
Gives some info about that save file along with a display of whatever you were wearing when you saved. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got the new game setup really working, threw another female hair in-game to see if all goes well and it seems to work :smiley:


I plan to get a lot done this weekend, but I felt I should share what’s on my agenda to get done. I feel the player creation/load game screens are at an acceptable point. There’s 4 hairstyles for both genders to choose from along with any color you can want for your hair/eyes. You are shown a model of the character when you’re creating it and when loading a save file along with telling you the name, day you are on, play time and save date of the file, which in my opinion is enough to give you an idea if it’s the save you’re looking for. :stuck_out_tongue:
Saving is set-up so when you save your game it will replace the old save of that gameplay as to limit a person only 1 save file for each run of the game they’re doing(so you can’t create mini pit-stops before big decisions).

  • Towns
  • World Set-up
  • Starting items

I am currently re-doing how I have the world handled. I am sectioning it out in 128x128 ‘zones’ with each zone meshing well with the neighboring zones(so no sudden mountain or water adjacent to a grassland zone).

I am setting up the player’s starting items, where the player will start with a map, 15 gold and wooden axe.

  • The map will show you zones you have visited, so when you step into a zone it’ll show you it.

  • The Gold will be used to buy entry into a town to spend the night and save the game, also it can be used to buy thing from consistent merchants in towns(butcher, blacksmith, alchemist,etc) and also traveling merchants that will have rarer items or items at a steep discount in comparison to their usual seller.

  • The axe will be the player’s way of getting wood to make more tools/weapons. It will have an enchantment it on it to prevent it from wearing down in duration until the 4th night by which the player should be good where he won’t be left without a tool or gold to buy 1.

Obviously if you somehow end up without any axe/enough gold to buy an axe you’re not long for this world.

I might have a test build up, for anyone who wants to play test it, on Monday. Be warned it’s far from a ‘finished stage’, to be frank it’s not even an alpha stage. But since I am currently a 1 man team, with only a handful of friends offering their time to play test the game, I won’t be picky with help I could possibly get.


Realm of Rune v 0.0.2 Changelog

Starting Items

  • Minimap(shows where you are, when discovering a new zone it will clear the ‘fog’ off the map of that zone)
  • Wooden Axe
  • 15 gold

Tree System

  • Each zone has it’s own tree spawning system. Set tree prefabs will spawn inside that zone at set intervals with a set cap # of trees.
  • Trees now have transition states. They will spawn as saplings and change to a full tree you can chop down after a set amount of time. When you chop them down they will become a stump that will stay for a set amount of time before being destroyed. The # of trees spawned doesn’t account for the tree being chopped until the stump is removed.

Realm of Rune v 0.0.3 Changelog


  • Added conversation system for Npc’s with ability to have multiple response options.
  • Set up base NPC prefab that can be changed out and add behaviors on it(merchant, basic npc, etc)
  • Town Gates set up so you have to pay to enter a town and can stay there until morning.

Realm of Rune v 0.0.4 Changelog

Shop interactions

  • Added Merchant npc mechanics.
  • Compacted the shop of the NPC so multiples of the same item stack ontop of eachother(whether they’re stackable in your inventory or not)
  • Buying items works
  • If you try to buy 10 items and there’s only 4 items in the store it’ll sell you 4.
  • If you don’t have enough gold it won’t let you buy(adding a notifier later for this).
  • When you talk to a merchant it will load up the Shop window dynamically. Displaying "[npc’s name here]'s [what they’re selling] example: “Frank’s Food Shop”

Basic Window/Inventory features

  • Windows are draggable and will close when you hit ESC.
  • No current cap on the number of stackable items you can have(will probably be set at a later date).

Small update to the shop.

  • Added selling items to the shop.
  • Items you sell will be added to the shop.
  • Items sell for 50% their value.

EDIT: Weird I thought I posted this gif.
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hey man I see no shame in that :stuck_out_tongue:


Realm of Rune v 0.0.5 Changelog

Crafting Stations and Recipes

  • Added Crafting stations that when you get near them you can open the menu to start crafting their specific recipes.
  • You can craft any recipe on the list as long as you have the materials for it(will add graying out/making unselectable the recipes you don’t have the ingredients for)
  • Crafting window displays the recipes you can pick from on the left, showing the product icon and name, on right it shows the icon again w/ the item’s description, and the ingredients.


  • Adding the check to see if you can craft the item
  • Adding a basic crafting menu that allows you to craft the work benches and a few other small items.

EDIT: Forgot the gif… again

Updated the UI menus to a new style. Also more inventory slots now.

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Realm of Rune v 0.0.6 Changelog

A lot of system completion updates.

  • Crafting station now fully craft stuff, the button to craft will be unclickable when you don’t have the required materials, but you can still check out the other recipes to gather what you need
  • Shields! Shields are now part of your repertoire of gear you can use to survive and thrive.
  • Mining! You can mine now. Get a pickaxe and go to town on some rocks strewn across the realm for some sweet, and for now useless, stone!

Quality of life changes.

  • Added some kewl new animations for when you’re walking so your character struts in style.
  • Added an overhead swing animation for 2h weapons(broad swords, pickaxes, spears atm)

A new foe approaches!

  • Children of the forest are now in-game(name still possible to change)
  • Two variants of these fearsome foes, an archer and a warrior

Crafting stations in action(minor bug in the following gif, when you craft and are put below the necessary ingredients required the button doesn’t update, fixed but too lazy to re-record)

Tag team dynamic duo

Strutting like he owns the place

Shields Equip to the correct hand and don’t attack… sorta? Fixing the dual swinging when holding a shield soon, also fixed the ‘shields’ typo in the tooltip

Mining stone to gather some stones


Coming soon(?):
Not sure if I like it or not. Definitely would bring life to combat though.


Added new gifs to showcase ALL things officially part of this ‘version’

The whole weapon trails got me thinking…
So I’m playing with the idea of skills and whatnot for the game.


Progress is as incredible as usual. I still can’t believe the blazing pace you are setting.

I hope to have a test build for people to give some feedback on by 'v0.0.10’
I also have a whole estimated ‘timeline’ for things I wanna do and milestones i want the game to be at by certain time.

This is essentially a 2nd full-time job I’ve taken on that I work on after I get home from work. I want it to become something, but there’s still more details to get into it(like the entire skill system).


I’m currently looking into doing randomly generated terrain, to keep the game nice and fresh with each playthrough but with certain structures(like entire towns) it’d be difficult