Two Story Building Tutorial and Stream

To everyone!

Second stream demonstrating current errors as well as I build the same Town Hall from scratch, this time I follow all the rules to make it Hearthling Buildable.

If it doesn’t end up too long, I will upload a copy of the video to YouTube and link it here in case anyone misses it.

The house I will be constructing can be found here: (4.7 MB)

Twitch Stream:

Feel free to join and chat, but the focus will be on demonstrating the step by step process of construction of the building as well as other notes I’d like to bring up to the Devs.

Houses and Buildings featured in the stream:
Generic 2-Story Dwelling (11.3 KB)]

Town Hall (17.8 KB)]


YouTube link to the second video:


Privat Video … :frowning:

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I fixed it, shouldn’t be private anymore.

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