Livestreamin Qubicle!


I’m livestreaming some Qubicle! Making the Northern Thief, Come watch!


Says your offline? :frowning:


hmm, same here…


Well then… Party at Pandemic’s!!!


I had some tech problems, I’m rebooting it now


Awwwww man there goes the party idea… I even had my water wings blew up and everything… :cry:


Due to overwhelming positive feedback I think I will make these streams weekly.


I do daily streams on Twitch, same concept…been doing it for a month.
Totally worth it. I’ve done over 120 models in the past month :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets all help each other :smile:


The Great, The Amazing, The Talented Artist Pandemic is going to be broadcasting once again live very shortly! Hope to see you there!



Doing a quick Livestream Test, trying out new software and I think I got my microphone working. Stop in and let me know how it is!

Might stream some Terraria, PwS stuff or Minecraft if everything goes well!

Livestream Tomorrow - 7-9pm EST - Making PwS Set Items