Some thoughts about r42 and last livestream

I’ve just seen the last livestream. When @Tom started working on a raccoon, I immediately remembered my Red Panda and the problems I had when trying to choose the details.
The weaver craftables, and I mean these:

after watching last night livestream, it turns out that we’ll probably get the trapper before the weaver. So that means we can’t craft those till then :crying_cat_face:

On the other hand, I love the new night music, reminds me a lot of Animal Crossing but keeping the original melodies for Stonehearth :blush:

The new map feature is really cool though I don’t know how would the transitions between different biomes be there when they’re implemented. I think we’ll need collision boxes soon, walls and other things have no point if living entities can walk or stay through them.

I really like the idea of shorter (about 1h~1.5h) streams weekly. The Team is doing a great job, I hope we can soon try the new content :smile:

EDIT: I forgot to point out the ‘floating’ wombat… :laughing:

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I’m pretty sure that was available in r34 :wink:

wah thank you so much for clarifying, I know in the end I was doing a silly thing x_x
I hadn’t got much time lately to mod things and experiment with the game enough, but hopefully next week after some exams I can keep with projects.
Thanks, @Avairian, n_n
(by the way, why is it that you’re having so much trouble with the sakura trees? o.o
it shouldn’t be that difficult)

wow, attention to detail much? :smile:

you have quite the eagle eye!!

I’m fairly decent at reskining and making basic adjustments to models but trying to make a tree look different than the normal ones with enough detail for a future super secret project is making it more difficult on me. :cry:

That and my laziness probably doesn’t help me; I’ve been putting it off to make other things. :laughing:

My thoughts so far are mostly thus: “The bunnies! Ohmygod, the bunnies! Squeeee!” :heart::rabbit::heart::rabbit::heart:

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