New_builder Mild Gripe

When using the new builder (which is SO SHINY, you guys are incredible) and placing fences, if there is an item on the ground in the way like a piece of discarded wood, the builder exits entirely when you click too close to it in order to select the item.

Building in a recently-cleared patch of forest is really annoying because of this, and I hope you’ll take under consideration either a way to select items without exiting the new builder, or make us leave the builder in order to select things.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Side note I had a dream that the bunnies were like dwarves and lived in warrens, and the idols were statue-tombs for their ancestors, buried above ground. I don’t know what the bunnies actually are or what you’ve decided on already but I hope they will be playable ^^;;;;;

I don’t know how to edit here…I should clarify I mean I was trying to place a fence post and the ground item was in the way, not that I was trying to select the item from within the builder XD

I think they’re working on a fence tool to take place of the original way fence was placed. I haven’t yet got around to using the new builder quite yet, but I would definitely look for that to be added within the builder.

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A fence tool O_O That sounds way better than my half of the suggestion xDDD Thanks~

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I know a long time ago Yang was working on such a tool, but I think since her depart it has been on the back burner. Since the new builder is being implemented I think they saw this as a addiction to add a fence tool to the builder.


As you can see from the icon above, the fence tool is in the building UI meaning it will be implemented at some point. Worry not, the fence battle is almost over.

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Actually this can be circumvented by actually clicking on the voxel you’re placing the fence on. You’re clicking on the item and that’s why it’s knocking you out of the builder. You can always zoom in and make sure when you’re hovering over the spot you wanna place it that you’re not clicking on the item, but catching the edge of the voxel underneath.

That being said yeah fences should be much easier in the future lol.