Fence / Wall tool

If you have a lot of walls in your inventory make like ctrl+shift to put them in like a row not like take one out put it there and get a nother one you get it

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Not really getting what you mean cause walls are not items you place buit a building you plann?

Can you clearify what you mean?

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I think he means make the fences and walls(stone fences) be placable in bulk

This has been a common complaint throughout the community for a long time, and i think the devs do have that in mind, just i think it’s not that high prioriy, but i’m not so sure as of now since more attention is going into building

And also, i suggest removing the… well, controversial name in the title? It’s misleading


A while back, I asked @Tom about this on one of his streams (about end caps for fences), and he said that eventually they want to make it so fences are layed with a zone tool, and then the 'lings come and place the fence on the border of said zone.

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Hm, i think i might’ve been watching that stream, though, i think the zone is quite limiting, i’d rather prefer a line drawing tool for fencing, since always doing a ‘Box’ seems a little… samie, so a line tool so we can make more shapes with it


yeah like maybe doing like a box by box but that would take to much time