Summary of Livestream

Could someone offer a summary of the live stream and/or a vid? I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to watch it because of classes. I’d love to hear about any new information available.

The livestream was recorded, you can watch it later if you’d like.

@Chaze007 Link please?

@Chaze007 Thanks a ton!

Thanks for typing this up! :thumbsup:

Quick general Q&A.

A demonstration of how models are created, and then animated, the results were a tutorial showing how easy it is for anyone to create content, and how to do animation should you not wish to use stock character animations.

Visuals for furniture; spanning several styles of chairs, tables, cupboards, beds and such like. It was explained that while objects are in storage/transit, they shall appear as smaller 3D pieces, and then turn into the full size version when placed. This is so that you don’t have someone carrying an object several times their size (such as a bed).

Bunny faction models, with emphasis on ensuring that the females were not identified with stereotypes and lazy methods; such as pink clothes, ribbons, or large breasts.

Titan design; showing how the system scales huge creatures without having to
build them at that scale. Also nipples.

Animations; characters changing class, and facial expression change for shock, strain, excitement and what have you. Very characterful.

A closing Q&A covering a variety of topics on overarching goals.

Over the course of the video, things such as these are broached:

There will be no farming mini-game; what was intended to be conveyed was that farming, in of itself, is a whole next level of the game. You can focus on crop rotations, optimising your soil, changing irrigation systems to suit the layouts and types of crops as a major focus of your play; or you can just plant some crops and leave it to your settlers. The idea is that if you invest time and resources on the farming, you will have a far greater yield; if you don’t invest as much time, you will have a smaller yield, but more time to spend obtaining resources in other methods; perhaps raiding or hunting.

Bunny faction will have separate skillsets, able to do things your settlers can’t; be it underground civilization, bunny hopping obstacles, reproducing faster; we don’t know yet, as we haven’t been told / it hasn’t been decided. Here’s hoping they have divekicks.

Stephanie is the first new hire who will be working on writing and plot.

Tricking devs into showing their poly count is funny.

The aim for PVP is focused on not having uncontrolled impact. While they developers found it great fun knocking down someone else’s castle, it wasn’t as much fun to have your hard work interrupted by rampaging players. The current model will be to have copies of player cities for you to raid, so that you don’t damage their real one. Equally, because they recognise there are competitive players, there may be Hardcore servers, where you all play at the same time, and can kick over each other’s sandcastles to your heart’s content to see who is king of the hill. All of this is up in the air and subject to change.

Lola Bunny enforces gender stereotypes.

Check the video, it’s fun and fairly casual, good interaction, lots of questions and support, as well as a few good troll opportunities, especially given his bro was baiting us even more to wind him up

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Loving this, enjoying the amount of updates.

bump for anyone looking for this.