Magma Smith Livestream today (09/05) 2PM PDT, 10PM BST

Just a heads up that today there will be the [url]second live stream - taken from the kickstarter:[/url]

At 2:00 today, we’ll do our second development live stream! Tom will answer some of your questions, and will get down to modelling the Magma Smith. You can watch it live at our channel, Twitch

The stream will be archived at the same URL, for those of you who can’t make it live.

And I just realised that whilst I put the time zone difference, I failed to account for date writing difference so that’s the 9th May not the 5th September!


Questions found from Stream: 1) Are the bunny faction going to have the same works/upgrades (Magma Smith Bunny) or Unique ones.

Bunny faction will be an entirely separate civilisation; so no. However, there may well be Bunny Faction specific classes that you can unlock through some manner of diplomacy or trade etc.

Questions found from Stream: 2) Will upgrade classes (Magma Smith upgrades from a blacksmith?) Replace classes, ie the “Blacksmith” will become obsolete when you upgrade to a “Magmasmith” or will they balance out giving a tradeof (you make the magma smith which adds extra combat capability but can’t make weapons as well).

Questions found from Stream: 3) Will there be diseases spreading in the village`? Will there be a hospital where people can get better?

Yes, there are lots of plans for diseases and whatnot.

Questions found from Stream: 4) How much paypal donations?

Questions found from Stream: 5) Can you control pathing (waypoints) can you SEE pathing?

Questions found from Stream: 6) Will Equipment be recoverable from fallen civs? Death questions

Questions found from Stream: 7) What item do you give to a unit to make MagmaSmith (Hammer? Steel Glove? Fire Crystal?)


Also, for all the people that have been begging on Kickstarter for NPC “sounds,” there will be sounds implemented in some fashion for things in the game. However, it is way too early to go into specifics.

Some random comments:

Characters are modeled to get an "8 Bits Look"
Most characters have a flat face with the eyes on the front except for the Deer.
Google the material eg. Obsidian to find a colour scheme and most colour in the palette are muted to leave room for the shader to add lights.

ps: I am in Australia where we spell color as colour. :wink:

What software are they using to creating Stonehearth I want to learn to use it now before the beta comes out. So, I can teach others how to use it.

@Skull24 They are using Qubicle (Voxel Editor), 3D Studio Max (Animation), C++, & Lua… I’m tired and I’m probably leaving out something. Keep in mind that Radiant Entertainment and Minddesk (makers of Qubicle) are attempting to “work something out.” I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to pick up Qubicle… unless you really want to get into voxel modeling and if so, have at it because it’s great software. :wink:

Thanks for the info, I will wait and see what Radiant Entertainment releases with the game and use that.

@Skull24 If they do… nothing is set in stone. Oh, and you’re welcome. :wink: