Anyone Else Super Sad That There Won't Be A DT For October?

I’ll definitely be missing @sdee’s awesome videos, and I’ll be looking even more forward to the livestreams, lol, but I have an idea:

I’m thinking we could try to make a cool DT about something to help modders. :smiley: Does anyone have any modding aspects they feel particularly comfortable with to write about? I’d be willing to make the actual video if others are onboard. I’m worried that if I’m the only one explaining a certain aspect of the code that I’ll make a million mistakes… What do yall think?


I like that you want to make a video for this, if you manage to get it done i will watch it! :smiley: Cant really help out with the modding expertise…


What are you looking for specifically? Sorry to ask, but I don’t quite understand what you’re wanting to do.

I think it’s a great idea. There’s several topics that could be refreshed that would be short enough for a DTT.

Where to find things in the various directories
How to tweak a biome
How to add a reskin for an object
How to make something shiny
How to use color replacement like in the Locks mods.
How to add your own colors to a material a la Terrain Colors

I’d hold back on the cube emitter just because it looks like they’re working on a new interface and Malley just covered that in the last stream.

Also I’d love to know how @BrunoSupremo and @pingu solved the factional item production retention error, if they have!


Factional item production retention error? :open_mouth:

I like all your ideas, Im thinking we can group together the add colors + make things shiny (+ maybe the reskin object) since theyre all texture related!

I like this idea! Perhaps someone should consider lumping Banto into this, as he has regular vids for SH, if you just really want to do the video yourself I will support you all the way @Wharp!

@Banto would be able to make a video 9 x 10^999 times better than I would! :joy: If he wanted to help I would love it.

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You guys are awesome, and I would love to see some DTs about those topics. Ping us and @ayazar in particular if you want to let us know about any current modding deficiencies that are on your mind. :slight_smile:


If you want help with video-making and @Banto is unavailable, I could assist you.
I’m not claiming I’m better than @Banto nor you, @Wharp, of course - I’m just putting forward that I have experience in video-making since doing YouTube stuff “back in the days” (currently doing Twitch stuff instead).

I’m somewhat active with modding Stonehearth, too!
However, if the goal is a DT video that teach the viewer how to perform modding, I will require input from other modders of what to talk about, perhaps some example code, and most likely a run-down on what the code does :slight_smile:

“Yay” or “nay”, I won’t take offense - just wanted to put the info out there. Cheers!


A question out of curiosity: @moderators, if (when) the community makes a video like this, is it ok to use music from Stonehearth as background music? (I’m talking about the music found within the mod stonehearth)

Based on Stonehearth Video Policy – Stonehearth, I’d say that would be OK. That being said, I’m just a community member. You’d need to hear from the team for a definite answer.

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Looking forward to see what you guys will make out of it :slight_smile:

Thank you, @jomaxro! I hope/think it’s fine, too.
But just to make sure, I’ll await an answer from the team prior moving forward with any music-usage :slight_smile:

Using Stonehearth music for a free video centered around Stonehearth is perfectly Ok.


Wonderful, thank you @max99x!

I’d like to see a guide on making a model with transparent/reflective/color-replacement blocks.

I’d actually like to know if, or when, some quality of life mods/features are going to be added to the game that really effect the current user experience rather than the big overhauls that will be taking months to develop.
While I know things like this could get out of hand and eat into development time on bigger projects, surely some things can be done much easier through the official updates rather than relying on mods. I assume this would have to be done on a case by case basis, but some clarity on this would be appreciated.

What are some of the things that you plan on adding to the game that are within the realm of a quality of life update and what mods that are also in that realm do you not plan on adding?
I’d like to know, and I think others would as well, where you make the distinction between things you will integrate into the vanilla game and things you will leave as a standalone mod. I think this would be really helpful for the community as a whole, so that mods have a general sense of where their mod fits into the scheme of things and the players would know who to go to regarding features that they would like to see put into the game, mods or the devs, as this can be confusing at times.

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