[POLL] Motivate my Modding

So I’m feeling a bit guilty… I’m a man of my word and when I make a promise, I deliver.

I’ve hit the brakes on my biggest mod yet to catch up with all the work that I’ve been procrastinating the past few weeks. I’m maybe 1/3 to 1/2 done with the mod, with lots of finicky effect work remaining. Super annoying stuff like positioning tons of cubemitters and debugging things that work, but incorrectly so, with no obvious reason as to why. It’s getting tough finding the drive to tackle this stuff.

I assure you it’ll be a cool mod, though unfortunately there is some overlap with at least one other mod. (I’ll definitely link to your mod when I release, @******** :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m mostly hoping others will be able to use my ideas to improve on future mods!

So anyways, I’m restarting this weekend when my schedule’s free. I’m debating adding extra content if I have more time versus cranking it out asap.

Gimme a kick to the rear:

##This mod will be finished by:

  • This Sunday (basic features)
  • Next weekend (full features)
  • Two weeks from now (extra features)

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Excited to hear about the new mod :wink:

Personally I find it hard saying how you should spend your time, but I do know that it’s really important if you start a project you finish it.

Typically when things get tedious or frustrating, a lot of people pull back (it’s normal). But, by pushing past these blocks you’ll find yourself learning more, and perhaps not getting stuck or finding the same thing as tedious in the future (as your understanding grows).

As a side note, I too find it hard sometimes to get back into projects, like SV for example (being away for so long), but once you take the first steps and begin work again you’ll find it much easier to continue working.

(Now that may just be me and my addiction to programming, but who knows) :slight_smile:

Either way I’d like to say thanks for your work so far, hope to see the mod in the future :wink:

Best of luck


Also SH supports reloading emitters and such while it’s running…

just add "enable_renderer_file_watcher" : true, to your usersettings

    "user_id" : ... .... ....,
    "collect_analytics" : true,
    "alpha_welcome" : {
        "hide" : true
    "enable_renderer_file_watcher" : true,
    "renderer" : {

Thanks a lot for all the support everyone, I’ll slowly chip away at this aiming for release in two weeks. I’ve already written down the extra features I hope to add. One of them is my second favourite thing in the world. :laughing:

@honestabelink Thanks for the pep talk and the code! I do hate the plateaus, whenever they come up, in all aspects of my life. I was hoping to set a deadline just to force myself to finish what I had started. As much as I hate limits, I feel they’re sometimes necessary to tame my wandering efforts.