Flash Stream, Right Now: Tom Models stuff

Stream right now: Twitch

Goal: model all the items for carpenter.


Great stream @Tom ! Thanks for showing us some more modeling.

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Ermahgerd, the brief time I don’t check the forum :crying_cat_face:

Fantastic that @Tom is still doing livestreams for us, helps build up a fantastic knowledge of the game for everyone following it before it’s even released! Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it mentioned that @Geoffers747 transcribes all livestreams? If true, it would be fantastic if you livestreamed everyday. For 4 hours.

Work @Geoffers747, work! :smile:

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oh suuuuure… live stream while we’re off playing minecraft! :cry:

time to watch the archive! :smile:

Hoorah! I was waiting for that to become available…:smile:

indeed… its been tweeted, and posted… time to watch! :wink:

Now sat in the chat room hoping he does return :smile:

Noooo I missed it!! Why!! League of Legends distracted me T.T

No fair i was getting spawn camped in minecraft! I MISSED THE STREAM!! RRRR!!!

I acquired some assistance for the 4 hour kickstarter livestream.

May god have mercy on our souls for that one.

After watching them for many hours during the kickstarter streams I feel oddly close to @Tom and @Ponder, in a completely weirdly awkward way as well.

I haven’t found the time to sit there and transcribe it all recently … so if anyone is wanting to, feel free to provide Q & A from them!

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i took that plunge once… shudders

never again my friend… never again… there are some things therapy just cant handle…