Livestream at some point in the indeterminate future UNANNOUNCED!

So, we are pretty sure that there will be a livestream this week, following the biweekly schedule that they have set up, so let’s begin the discussion:
What kind of things do you think will be gone over?
When do you think it will be?
I hope it’s actually this week?

Well I’ll leave Twitch open when I’m awake and scream on this thread when it’s on :smile:

You could be waiting a long time my friend. A very long time indeed …

Edit: As for what we see come whenever the next live stream … well I’m hoping for their sake they’ve made some progress on finding a new HQ. I honestly am content with watching whatever they feed us, it’s just a great way of getting involved with something - having said that, watching some animating would be pretty cool.

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well as far as i have seen it. the blog says that streams ,based on past posts, are on Tuesday or Thursday

No livestream this week, sorry. Tom and Tony are at a family reunion, and Albert and I don’t want to steal the limelight. We may never give it back. :wink:


Hey, how about giving us a “sneak peek” of Albert this weak? :smile:

You see @ManOfRet, this is why we don’t give you nice things.

You stir everyone into a mad frenzy and then this.

I don’t think I can look at you right now, just, just don’t talk to me.

I’m staying at my mother’s.

Edit: I’ve edited the thread title to something more appropriate.


Hello, @Geoffers747! HOW DO YOU DO?

That’s my job: to get people hyped up about things so I can manipulate help people!

Oh I’m watching you buddy. :bird:.

Watching you reeeeeeal closely.


on behalf of (im sure the vast majority of) the forum, seeing you and Albert wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing… :smile:

not that @Tom isnt dreamy, mind you…

Did someone say… ALBERT… ALBERT!!! ALBERT!!! ALBERT!!!

If anyone can get what that’s from, you get a Oatmeal Ret-sin cookie. Or a chocolate chip, whatever floats your boat.

Isn’t this a banned word? :wink:

Urgh, don’t get me started on this. As a mod, I was NOT amused. :angry:

He’s walking on very thin ice right now. It’s one event away from Steffers Geodamo’s bad cop worse cop routine. Isn’t that right @SteveAdamo?


What the goggles are you guys pillowing on abo…

Oh, snap…

holds out arms for handcuffs


if that name isnt modded in on day 1, or better yet, “baked in” to the game, it would be nothing short of a travesty…


im sure someone will get that name in the game one way or another.

but i say that for punishment for @ManOfRet he should not be able to post during the next stream…Mwahahahahaha :smiley:

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HAHAHA! That’s where you’re WRONG! The worst punishment for me would be to disallow me to mention Steve anymo…

Crap, I did it again!

(for the record, Steve and Geoffers, this means delete my posts within the next 48 hours that contain the name “Steve”, or at least edit it out.)


starting … now!

But, Steve… why you gotta do dat?

Oh, wait, I remember now. Please, sir, continue with your due process of law.