Livestream maybe?

I don’t want to force the developers to livestream or anything. If its too much work, i recommend them not to do it, but if they are able too, its been over a month, and i’m kind of missing watching them just do stuff. (if that makes sense xp ). Anyways, just wanted to remind them in case they forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think at the moment they are focusing on fixing bugs (for alpha 4), so there might not be much to see. But after they’ve done that a live stream would be great :slight_smile:

There was a live stream about 7 days ago where @Tom did a number of models and showed us how they imported them in to the game.

I’ve just tried to find it on twitch but it would appear that it wasn’t uploaded, which is a massive shame because it was very useful.

@Tom, @Sdee - Is it possible to upload? Or is it gone forever? :frowning:


yeah, I think it’s lost… as far as I know, if the archiving option isn’t on at the time of the recording, then I believe we’re out of luck… :cry:

I blame you Steve…

What? That’s weird… I remember watching the 6-hour archive the day after, but now it’s gone! :frowning:

it may be due to twitch instantly removing videos with background music if it had some twitch removes it for copyright issues


sorry… @Tom dared me to “just pull the blue wire”… he’s so persuasive…

oh no, seriously? have we already fallen victim to the policy changes? :cry:

I would love to see more live streams. I have only ever participated in one, but it was great. The changes to archiving are a bit annoying though…

There is something about communicating with devs directly and informally in twitch or some other venue which is very appealing to me. It was very common for back when I was in the Hawken Alpha and Beta that players and devs would gather on IRC… they would just idle during work hours and pop on every now and then to say hi and talk about what they were working on. Also over at Grim Dawn we interact with the devs this way, although it is much more infrequent. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to include an official irc channel to Stonehearth.

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IRC might be a little old fashioned for this (relatively) young crowd. What do all the cool kids use nowadays?

Maybe Google hangouts?


@moe_noobinus I think google hangouts would probably be the opposite of cool :wink: however I do think the alternatives are probably equally uncool but facebook (sigh) may be the best rout and most accessible. I do still feel the old fashioned way is best :wink:

Facebook could work, for some. I have heard bad stuff about the Facebook chat client, and some of us here don’t have a Facebook account, like me.

I like Google Hangouts, but it would be awesome if one of us could set up a Chatroom on an Trillian client for all of us. It would be simple, very accessible, and effective.

absolutely agree… Team Radiant has been particularly good about this, and wholly transparent during the development cycle… :+1:

I have to agree with @woollysmash . The alternatives are so unappealing.

I’m not about to setup a Facebook. I do have a Google account, but maybe some people don’t have one or don’t want to use Hangouts for other reasons.

Let’s just use IRC.

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Would Trillian be good as a chat client?

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I believe we’re talking less instant messaging and more chatroom orientation. There are a lot of IRC addons for browsers like xchat. Personally I am old school and use mIRC. The big question is what server to use… Quakenet and GameSurge seem to be the big two…

Well, to me, mIRC is a well known and reliable chat client, though it’s certainly outdated by today’s standards.

Yeah xchat and I think icechat browser addons are probably the more current renditions of mIRC but the beauty of servers is you can use multiple addons, clients, or pages like mibbit all to connect to the same location. With mibbit you can actually set it up so it is on the main stonehearth website and we can all connect from there.

XChat seems like a good way to go, though I’m am afraid that Mac users won’t be able to use it as it’s only for Windows and Linux.

I know another good choice: AJAXChat.

It is a Web Chat-Client that work on all platforms.

What I think we should be looking for in a Web Chat-Client is:

  • How Fast Is It (How Long It Takes To Communicate With Each Other And Non-Laggy)

  • How Accessible It Is (Embedded Into A Webpage Using A Link)

  • How Easy To Control (Not Hard To Moderate And Control The Server)

  • How Much Supported Platforms (Users Using A Specific Platform Can Still Access The Chat)

  • How Secure It Is (Prevention Of Botnets, Spamming, And Hacking Attempts)

  • How Organized It Is (Nice And Easy To Read And Not A Garbled Mess)

  • How Customizable It Is (Skins, Avatars, ETC)

  • How Many Features (Icons, Emoticons, Sounds, Different OP Levels, ETC)


I absolutely agree with this.

I’m thinking a chat integrated directly into the main website may be the most accessible. I know there are a number of these sites but I am not particularly sure which one is the best and most secure. We would want something that would be Mac available as well.

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