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Hey all,

although I’m new on the site, I’ve been following the process of stonehearth for quite some while now (I even kickstarted it :D). Anyway, I’d really like to make a youtube channel for stonehearth (and I know I’m not the only one), and I have a few questions that I would like to know:

  • Am I allowed to upload the livestream to Youtube? I noticed RadEnt didn’t do it themselves, and I would like to get more people be able to follow this awesome game :smile:

  • Am I allowed to upload Beta footage in December? I read somewhere that this might be a problem, and you actually need permission from the devellopers (I’m not sure if this is true)

If I think of any more, I’ll ask them here. Thanks alot for reading!


welcome aboard! :smile:

absolutely! once we have access to the beta/“first public build”, you are allowed, even encouraged, to post videos… :smiley:

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@SteveAdamo I think @Ellogeyen is referring to the livestreams, and uploading them to Youtube.

I would hazard a no at the moment, as I’m not sure about the situation - will have to check with theam Radiant.

Uploading gameplay and that, including during the “beta” phase, is perfectly fine.

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you mean, exactly what was written, and what i completely misread? got it… sighs

yeah, i would check with Radiant about uploading the existing live stream content… it was asked over here, but we never received an official response…


@SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 Okay, I uploaded one already, which I will delete as soon as I hear Radiant saying ‘no’. Do I have to contact the team myself? Or would one of you do that?


I’ve sent them a message, either one of us or they will get back to you as soon as we hear something :smile:

They’ll get add revenue from twitch iif they are partnered, if not, i don’t see why not, but still wait for @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 to tell you.

Hello all,

Does anyone know if we have blanket permission to do YouTube videos on monetized channels? Thanks very much.

They, in fact, have been highly promoting the idea of community YouTube-ing, and would be more than happy to see us do some playthroughs and Let’s Plays and the like. At least, as far as we’ve heard up to this point.

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welcome aboard @gankgoesgaming! :smile:

Merged your thread here, and as was mentioned, yes… YouTube is perfectly acceptable…

Just a little request to upload the two latest live streams to youtube. I am having trouble viewing them on radiants twitch channel (stupid work filters) and would like to view the new streams. At the moment, I can only find older ones on youtube.

Since I can not access them, would someone be able to do this?

I would be most grateful.

Who wouldn’t like to daydream about creating stonehearth towns and fighting monsters while at work.


I know @Ellogeyen had worked to place these on Youtube, we didn’t receive an official word from Radiant, I’m unsure whether there are any technicalities that would mean they themselves are unable to upload the videos to Youtube.

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Thanks for the reply @Geoffers747

I would assume they are just to busy to complete this, and because it is already on their twitch channel.

I would prefer they put all their energy on game dev anyways.

I know a lot of people don’t upload their twitch video’s on youtube, for whatever reason. I download them from twitch with something called twitchtools, so I guess the team itself is able to do something similar.

I recently stopped uploading to youtube, because I’m not sure if it is needed. Now that the alpha is out, I guessed people would rather play than watch streams. If I’m wrong, I’m happy to continue uploading :slight_smile:

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