Recording for YouTube License?

Hello, I am a small YouTuber and I’ve become very interested in this game. When it comes out, I will definitely buy it as soon as I can, and probably make a video on it. My question was, do you need to have a license/be partnered with a network to have the right to make videos on Stonehearth and monetize them?

I believe that you could make videos freely when Stonehearth comes out in full because it’s “yours” then.
And now for when it’s in beta I believe you’ll have to request a permission from Radiant Entertainment.

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Although the discretionary right belongs to the devs as they could put a clause in the EULA saying, “No content such as youtube videos or blogs shall depict or represent Stonehearth without prior permission from Radiant Entertainment” or something.
This happens a lot in beta releases or press releases of commercial games. Usually this is referred in the gaming industry as a ‘review embargo’, and breaking it often means you will never see a pre-release copy of a game ever again.

But for an indie studio that would be pretty mean and a pretty foolish business decision as youtube channels are like free advertising, if a bit uncontrolled.

So the long and the short of it is:
If you are in the Beta: Ask Radiant Entertainment first, especially if you are on a monetised channel.
If you have the full game: Your probably OK to youtube it and monetise it.

If you are concerned you could do what 90% of people don’t, read the EULA.

Sometimes Beta come with what is called a NDA. Which will prevent you and others from release any information about the game until a certain date. But I don’t see them using one for this game. Since we already know what they game is going to look and play like (for the most part). I don’t think you and many others have anything to worry about (when it comes to YouTube). I’m sure once the game is released (after beta). The guys at Radiant Entertainment won’t mine you posting videos about the game.

All the problems started with Nintendo claiming copyright over Let’s Play videos on Youtube.