Livestream maybe?

I guess AJAX Chat would be our best bet, then.

Here is a description of the software ripped off from

##AJAX Chat - Open-Source Webpage-Intergrated Chat-Client



  • Real-Time Chat

  • No Flash Required

  • Emoticons

  • Private Messages

  • Private Rooms

  • CMS Integration


Windows NT, OS/X, And GNU/Linux


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The Shoutbox doesn’t look half bad either.

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You know, we don’t really need an off-site, third party server to host our proposed chat, someone on the discourse like a Mod, Local-Admin, or trusted member could host the server on their computer.

What do you think, @SteveAdamo about having the Stonehearth Discourse having it’s own chat?

I think it’s been suggested before, but never really caught on, as far as I could tell…

the livestream chats are always fun though! :smile:

Last I knew Trillian had support for IRC.

Emacs has no less than 3 IRC extensions.

Chatzilla extension runs on Mozilla Firefox and family.

mIRC was mentioned.

XChat was mentioned.

Many more options exist.

Well, I think that an open-source and web-integrated chat-client like AJAX Chat would fit our needs best. It’s not the worst option, you see. It’s actually pretty good.

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Still in favor of the chat here. I know I’d pretty much be chatty or idle most of the time I’m not at work or actually playing games. I am a product of a chatty era!