Subscriptions for Twitch chat or chat moderators

I like watching the livestreams but since the chat is rarely moderated I was wondering if you guys could partner with twitch and set up subscriptions so that people who actually have suggestions don’t get buried by people spamming chat. The planned streams should have an open chat and the unplanned ones should have subscriber only or at least slow mode.

Or at least get some mods who will actually mute people. The only mods you guys have are assumingly in your office and they are usually working while the stream is going on, It becomes impossible to actually suggest things during streams because of random people spamming emotes or jibberish.



would be happy to moderate, and assuming they maintain this schedule (4PM PST) should work for my schedule…

Or the fools screaming about pillows, sex, and goggles.

Don’t forget squares.

Thirded, or maybe Fifthed? I dunno, either way there was a lot of rubbish on chat tonight.

Noted. We would be happy to take a few brave volunteers.

I doth sacrifice myself for thine cause of livestreaming on Twitch.

assuming you guys stick to this schedule, i can be available for moderation… but we do need some folks serving in that role, or throttling the room to prevent floods of “pillow talk”…

I’d volunteer, but I believe I’d be on vacation.

I am also available to moderate if you need more people. I have been to most of the streams and I’m normally not doing anything in the evening. The only problem I can see with getting a bunch of mods in the channel is controlling when they ban/mute. They need to have rules or else there is going to be a lot pissed off backers.

So maybe you should get somebody to make a list of rules on the channel for viewers so that mods have a list of bannable offenses rather than “You’re being annoying so you are banned for 10 minutes” kind of thing.

EDIT: I suggest an interview/questionnaire of some sort before modding people. Or possibly a grace period before adding them to the list if you are going to do that.

But pillows, sex, and goggles are three of my favorite things…

as long as folks know about the rules going in, this would work just fine… i’m actually leaning towards the slow-motion setting on the room… would probably solve 90% of the spam problem we had this evening…

aaaaaand, insta-ban… :tongue:

I still remember the good old days of when they had slow-mo enabled… I think…

as long as folks know about the rules going in, this would work just fine… i’m actually leaning towards the slow-motion setting on the room… would probably solve 90% of the spam problem we had this evening…

They would probably follow the rules if they had a reason to. As it stands now with nobody there to enforce the rules it would be just as bad.

Slow mode would get rid of the spam problem but it is in itself a pain in the ass. All slow mode does it punish everybody watching for a couple of people spamming the chat. We should be able to say as much as we want but without having to deal with the spam and active moderators is the only option to get that.

oh, dont get my wrong, i agree that active moderation is much more effective… but you also have to consider the intent behind the streams… they are to provide a window into the development process, and allow for some actual collaboration between radiant and their supporters…

to me, that doesnt mean shouting out questions/comments (even those that are valid) during the entirety of the stream, but rather watching and absorbing the material… then, when there is a lull, or a question is specifically asked of us (opinion on a direction or concept, etc.), we then have the ability to chime in with meaningful feedback…

perhaps this would simply tie into the rules you’ve suggested though… :wink:

Well it would be nice if all of the supporters treated the stream like that but there are always going to be those people shouting out “Give it goggles!” and “It looks like he is being shot. Make it better” throughout the entirety of the stream. I don’t think there is anything that they can do about that. But with moderation we can keep those messages without them being spammy or obtrusive. With moderators however we can filter out all of the other crap that isn’t relevant at all (“Pillow sex” and emotes).

Moderating is by far the best method. But if you ask me slow mode with Tom being a bit more strict with chat would be just as good. Most of the people spamming chat are trying to get his attention so all he really has to do is say “[username] stop spamming” or something of the like.

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Another thing is that the devs can’t do Subscriptions on Twitch because they can’t be partnered, as of the rules from And slow mode is massively annoying, because the time between chat posts increases for each post that you make. So long streams would suffer massively. Moderators aren’t prone to computer error (lol, reversed from normal), they are flexible compared to bots, and can better determine the relevance of posts and conversations.

so then… @Geoffers747 is out of the running?

kidding! i kid! … im a kidder… :dash:

edit: i agree, however…

whilst my inability to moderate is the real reason I won’t be moderating the stream, I’m gonna cleverly disguise it as my body being unable to cope with the late timing of the streams over in the UK :cry:

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Awe man.