Twitch Chat down? 1/5/16

Mod Edit: Twich chat has been restored as of 6:45 PST.

Seems that Twitch chat is down just before the stream starts today @sdee . Bummer.

Nooooo. Anyone have a good chat replacement they’d suggest?

Edit: Waiting on results from the strawpoll: Straw Poll

We were chatting on Twitch 20 minutes ago…I’m trying to see if anyone can still see my messages - because they appear to me that they’re posting…

Edit: Twitch chat has been restored.

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Hello everyone and happy 2017 from chat :slight_smile:

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only supports 10 free users :wink: already full xD

Jomaxro’s trying to find a way around it or somewhere else.

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@Wiese2007 try again

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Twitch chat has been restored!

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