[Fixed] Twitch Stream #55 Not loading?

Hey guys, trying to watch the stream from this morning, and it’s having issues and not playing.

Anyone else getting this or is it just me?


funny enough i was just going to watch it, and can confirm that its not loading.


Ah… sad.

Thanks for checking crabby-man. :smile:

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it just loads up a list of the old streams for me, and if i click #55 then it just goes back to the list again, in a infinite loop :open_mouth:

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Uhm, that problem is confirmed! :frowning:

got the same problem when i tried. I also noticed i needed to log in. but usually I automaticly log in. also twitch looks different. might be that they updated and maby thats hy we cant view it

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well its also only a problem for #55, im able to watch the other ones but not #55 :confused:

Still down :frowning: Just got done watching #54 ( GJ @sdee and @yshan Hope I got the right Yang for the assist ) hopefully it’s up soon :slight_smile:


Tony says it’s still processing. Twitch might just be slow today. Wait a couple more hours?


Cool stuff ty much :slight_smile:

thanks @yshan :smile:

Is it still processing? Still can’t seem to view the stream.

probably not, its still just going to the panel/list of past streams, here’s a link just so we can have quick access to the stream.

Still not loading, just got caught up on all the streams I’ve missed.


Still not loading. Is there any other way of watching the stream?

No, it’s probs just twitch flailing about. It’ll fix itself sooner or later.

I feel sad because I WAS watching it live, but I had showed up halfway through. So I said to myself.

“I’ll just watch the full thing later.” And left.

Bad move, Solus… bad move.


I can confirm that it still doesn’t work for stream #55 (#54 works, among others).

Perhaps TR can check the progress of it? @Tom @sdee @ireallyneedtomemorizealloftheirnames

@Ponder, @yshan, @not_owen_wilson, and @Albert are some others, but I know I missed one or two … again.