Twitch issues for anyone else?

so is anyone else able to get to twitch this evening? the site is simply refusing to load…

I cant ping or anything… anyone else?

54 people there right now

I don’t see how that’s possible… I am showing the site as completely unreachable… :confused:

ip sharing? or your ip is blocked by twich (at first i has the same issue until the have unlocked my ip)

what the wha? no IP sharing here… no idea why I would be “blocked” by twitch either… didn’t even realize that was a thing… :smile:

i was blocked because my hoster use the same ip for lots of peoples xD

Just checked really fast. Worked for me on my phone. 119 viewers


that will be an idea - phone?

Works here on west coast

had to reboot… perhaps something was wrong with my IP?


oh well… I joined shortly after the start… :+1: