March 17 Twitch Stream Doesn't Work?

Hi guys! Does anyone know where to watch yesterday’s stream? The twitch channel Past Broadcasts doesn’t seem to work. Or is it just me?

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well, it took two advertisements, but the archive finally loaded for me:


Think it might just be you. I’m literally watching it right now


@steveadamo @Froggy Ah I’ll have to try again later then, thank you for the replies and checking it out!

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Yeah, I’m having trouble watching it too. It doesn’t want to load :cry:
It’s like it had no duration. After a few seconds of trying to load, it displays the mosaic of other videos as if it had finished.

In the worst case I’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s morning. I’m always suspecting about server load depending on timezones… :disappointed_relieved:

Mines busted as well, plays for about 8 seconds then freezes for good. :frowning:

Edit: The good news is, no past broadcasts on twitch are working… i guess that’s also the bad news.

I think somewhere they said that Twitch was having problems with their service. I could finally see the stream in the next afternoon (my time) so I think that there’s the possibility that past broadcasts will still work, @Solus :worried:

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Yup! Watched it this morning. Good stuff.

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