Subscriptions for Twitch chat or chat moderators

It’s alright, bro. I, too, enjoy having sex with square pillows.

@Geoffers747 The thing is, despite your telling us of the true motives of your inability to moderate, you also have a quite valid reason of not being to moderate. And I’m sure that @SteveAdamo’s ability to interpretively dance will more than make up for your shortcomings.

ahh, the story of @Geoffers747 life… :tongue:

if i were to moderate, i would want someone like him on the front lines with me though… partially because he’s not such a bad guy, but mostly because i can ban with complete freedom, and simply blame him when there’s an outcry of nerd rage…

And I would stand there valiantly on the hilltop, a testament to all of your sins.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

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Oh, man, the interplay between you two is to good to miss. :'D

If you need anymore volunteers, I’d be glad to help.

I’d be up for it if you guys wanted any help at all with moderating :slight_smile:

It would be nice if they reimplemented taking questions from the ‘moderator link’ they had set up running through Google. Apologies I can’t be more specific but I hope you get the gist of the thing I’m referring to. Anyway, if they used that each stream and were more strict about only taking questions from it then they would answer the most popular questions AND chat wouldn’t be spammed with questions so people could put input in without it washing away the questions.

That said, I agree that the chat can get a bit overwhelming with the ridiculousness of spamming and agree on the need for more moderators, which I, as I said, would ‘bravely volunteer’ for :slight_smile:

So far, it stands that @Smokestacks, @ManOfRet, @SteveAdamo, @Avairian, @Geoffers747 (I think), @Kyle772, and @RoseyNineOneOne on the list of volunteers.

@Geoffers747 and @RoseyNineOneOne will likely be unavailable at the time of the streams, so that leaves the rest for 100% moderation.

EDIT: Froggy is not volunteering.

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Oh no, I’m not volunteering, I’m agreeing with the OP. Far too much responsibility. I’d rather watch the stream then the chat box :o

That leaves 5 of us, which is probably about good for the audience size that we’re seeing.

methinks too many chefs in the kitchen… 1 to 2 mods max…

but again, having a slow motion (perhaps not quite as slow however) would put an end to many of the problems…

alternatively, use the google moderator and have a specific set of question to answer from the community (in addition to a top 10 from the forums)…

no need to open it to random questions from the chat… i would use the chat for instant feedback on something the team is mulling over (design decisions, opinions, etc.)…

Well, it’s a good pool to choose from is the phrasing I meant to use. Besides, if one or two are out on any given day, another couple can be chosen from the reserves.

and you are absolutely correct… my apologies… having a half dozen folks who can potentially moderate would be great… then those that are available can be present, and @sdee, or whomever else can mod a few of the folks present…

simple… :smile:

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hehe wouldn’t want to be a moderator, link pops up in chat. tom asks moderator to make sure its not porn. its boku no pico

also get yourselves a bot. you would still need 1-3 moderators, but things like profanities and a emoticon spammers can be quickly removed.

Yeah I was thinking this. Moobot is great but the only problem I can see is that it can be kind of time consuming to set up if you don’t want all of the default settings on it.

Just thought I should let you guys know that I will be away from the coming Tuesday until the Tuesday following (that being the 30th July until the 6th of August) so although I am still happy to moderate if I am wanted, I will be unavailable to for that week should you want me :unamused:

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thanks for surfacing this… i suppose we need to collect a short list of folks who can assist with moderation…

@sdee, @Tom, @Ponder, if this pops on your radar, can you let us know if the 4PM PST slot is still the favored window? if so, perhaps we can dole out some moderation statuses to a few folks…

unless of course you guys are thinking about using a slow-mo option…

@SteveAdamo Didn’t someone ask for another slot in the last stream and tom replied that probably he will stay with that one… as he can still do some stuff during the day and finish the day with a stream? Just trying to remember.

I believe in Joffers. #Joffers2013

You can be my campaign manager. First order of business is to adjust the world time zones/ fly me to America so I can partake in the live streams at a reasonably human time!

Joking aside, depending on the day of the stream I could probably be present for most of it.

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i believe so… early on, and he mentioned that he liked the 4PM PST slot, as it afforded him time to accomplish his work, as well as cap of the day with a community stream…

girls night out!