Livestreams? Where are they?

So I hear talk about the livestreams and I assume they are on twitch tv but i have no idea! Can someone tell me where to get the info on where, and when they will be. Also, are they put on youtube as well to watch after? I would hope so.

the main location is here: Twitch

and you can see a “videos” button in the top right, with archived links… will they end up on youtube? dont know for sure…


Oh, ok i didnt realize you could record and leave them on on twitch, so thats ok, Im off to watch them all now! Thanks sir!

you’re quite welcome… enjoy! :smiley:

ooo id didn’t know that either, that’s my evening planned now :smiley: thankyou

Shameless plug, but if you check [url] here [/url] you’ll find a list of all the streams, and youtube videos that are out there!

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and while @Geoffers747 list is easier on the eyes, folks who like wikis (and who doesnt like a good wiki?) can see an (almost) comparable list here…

DEFINITELY watch the livestreams; a huge number of questions are answered in the last two streams.