Twitch Streams archived anywhere?

Looking for some of the older twitch streams and remembered that older streams are no longer stored.
So wondering if anyone has archived any of the more recent streams from this year?

the more recent streams should be archived on the stonehearth twitch channel, that link should work.

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He says the older, the ones that were deleted.

Unfortunately, I think those are lost, although there might be some on their Youtube account :disappointed_relieved:

Ah, but if it’s from this year they are in the twitch channel, those weren’t deleted as far as I remember :neutral_face:

(By the way, which category should this topic have? :sweat_smile: Any idea, @8BitCrab? )

i would mean development :wink:

Yeah, I was looking at the twitch archive and it only seems to go back to dev stream #31 which is April 15th 2015.

Was hoping to dig into some of the slightly older ones about setting up the goblin camp models and stuff.

Ah well such is life, I get too used to things existing forever on the internetz it seems odd and unsettling when things don’t.


:scream: you’re right! What happened with the previous ones? Or was that really around that date when the Twitch massive cleanup happened?

I think the ‘Great Loss’ was back in October last year sometime.
But the recent ones from this year were packed with new info, wanted to pan for gold in them thar (twitch) streams.

Perhaps twitch is limiting the number of archived streams and the new are pushing out the old.

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Some are also on YouTube, but don’t think all of which you are looking for…

The YouTube ones I have seen are more 5 minute type review of whats is happening rather than all the juicy detail of the hour longs streams unfortunately.

Maybe someone out there has quietly squirreled them away onto a fan site or something.

Well, there’s always the 6 hours livestream from some time ago. I think I never got to finish watching it… x_x

If I understand correctly, the way that Twitch saved content changed a couple years back. They only store broadcast videos from within the last 60 days now. If a broadcaster wants to save something, they need to go through the process of cutting a broadcast into smaller chunks (but still up to 2 hours long) and saving them as “Highlights”. Making Youtube versions is also possible of course.

60 days correlates with April 15th very well, so Radiant guys probably haven’t been making Highlights to save streams forever.

well, this makes me sad on the inside…

I need to blow something up to brighten my mood… :smile:

p.s. waves to @TobiasSabathius


well there are a couple from december 2014 in the highlights section, other then that none earlier then april

There was someone, some time ago… but stopped doing so.