Oct 2 Stream not saved on twitch?

I can’t seem to find last nights stream on twitch any help would be grateful would like to watch it.

unfortunately, Twitch is blocked on our corporate network, but if you visit the main page, and click on the “Videos” tab on the right, you dont see a listing for last night’s stream?

I can’t seem to find it either

Where is the archive of the latest stream?

meh, it is not there. Tom has to enable the archive recording.

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That makes me a sad panda…

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yea me too :panda_face: anyone know what we missed?

@Miturion Tom talked about the terrain generation. Some questions have been answered and information shared on that… including a short discussion on the sizing and if / why it is a square mile :wink:. After that Tom worked on the attack animation of the wolf.

Did not watch the full stream as it was getting late. Might be that there was another topic after the wolf.

Someone make sure to write out or find instructions on how to archive the streams for them. WE cannot let this happen again.


As you can read in this thread it seems like there have been some issues:

Not sure if this can be overcome and if Tom can still archive the stream… or if it is lost.

yeah, as i mentioned there, it sorta stinks… im not overly familiar with the way Twitch works, but if i had to hazard a guess, we wont be seeing last night’s content show up…

which is a shame, as it seems @Tom went over a fair portion of the questions (it looked like he was at the bottom of teh list when i jumped into the stream towards the end)…

In the other thread I have posted the answers to my questions, as much as I have them in my mind… but I was offline soon after :disappointed:,

Why is it a square mile? :blush:

perfect, thanks!

@Tom animated the attack of the wolf (the way it attacks when it run towards settlers, I believe), which was done by intuition and consulting Youtube for a jumping dog. After that, most of the questions on the forum were answered and some questions in chat (and some baby talk).

If you would like to know answers to specific questions, maybe all the people who díd see it can help? :slight_smile:

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hopefully the twitch not recording the streams can be fixed. i guess i will just have to read all the Q & A on that thread see what i missed. hopefully everyone updated there posts with the answers :slight_smile: thanks all

Yer it can be fixed, @Miturion posted a link to a twitch blog post that basically said they’ve turned off archiving by default or something.

I should imagine all Radiant will have to do is turn the option to archive their streams or something!

but what will we do to fill the void from last night’s stream… and stave off these tears that continue to fall?

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yep i saw @Miturion 's post but radiant still has to push the button if they want to of course.

Sorry guys. Twitch changed their default behavior to not save stream archives. I’ve turned on save now, so future streams will be saved.


odd… i wonder if that was in an effort to save on storage costs, etc.

some advanced notice to their users would have been nice… :smile:

oh well… onward!