Last nights stream

I missed last night stream and i was wondering when it was going to be put up on YouTube, The last couple of streams haven’t been put up either, so I was wondering if they didn’t want to put them up anymore or just didn’t have enough time too.

I’m sure its just a matter of time before these will be added to youtube…

still, paging @sdee! can you assist here? :smile: :+1:

You can watch it directly on their Twitch page here.

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hahaha… d3rp! I didn’t even think to check twitch… :smile:

I thought they were no longer storing them there… :blush:

Twitch’s YouTube exporter isn’t terribly reliable, but all of the streams are archived on our Twitch channel.

Stonehearth Twitch Past Broadcasts


It’s a great stream! I’m enjoying it immensely at work right now. :smiley:


it was fun! and if memory serves, the number of people I confused with my chat responses went down by 21%! :smile:

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I totally forgot that I could watch them from twitch, im just used to going to youtube and watching stuff there.

Oh man, i’m going to go back and change my thoughts from great stream to amazing. So much good info and teases from @Tom. I know what game i’m playing tonight…

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