Stream Summary Posts in Development Forum Section

Like @sdee does in the Desktop Tuesday blog posts, it would be very helpful if there could be a stream summary/highlights post made in the Development section after each stream ends. This would help give people who watch a stream after it ends a place to weigh in and provide their own feedback, and it would create a method to easily find and consume that feedback for the dev team.



I am usually running red lights in an attempt to get home on time after stream. :wink: If someone else wants to write up notes post stream though, I’d be happy to get wider feedback on the stuff we talk about!


you know, in the past we (sometimes) would make threads to “announce” that the stream was going, and after it finished we would discuss the stream in those topics… we should start doing that again…


Good idea! I mostly miss them sadly…

That sounds perfect! :slight_smile:

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But is it really worth risking your and other people’s well-being (and potentially life) to gain a couple more minutes? :confused:

I mean no offense, I’m just a stranger on the interwebs, so my words might not be very meaningful, but there have been quite a few incidents in my area where people got wrecked after someone decided to run a red light.

I’m just worried about your safety. :heart:


I am quite sure that this was an exaggeration…


It was indeed an exaggeration, but thanks for the reminder to drive safely :smiley: