[Dev Blog] Speed Painting for Alpha 4




Have to say, I do love the cute style of those loading screens :slight_smile: .


Very well done. That was fun to watch.

Looking forward to Stable Alpha 4!


I really enjoy the stonehearth art style and I can’t come up with a reason why. :slight_smile:

Cheers to all those working to create a stable Alpha 4! :smiley:


I found it quite funny that Tom had an idea of what he wanted the loading screen to be, and then completely changed his mind and still ended up with this masterpiece!


yeah, it went from an aerial goblin attack, to a peaceful weaver scene… would have enjoyed either, but the weaver looks fantastic!

and @Tom was able to give her a lovely female appearance, without using some of the standard fare… :smile: :+1:


We need an official Stonehearth shirt… I would buy it.


Some of us have one \o/

It was a reward from the kickstarter:

But I agree, MOAR TSHIRTS!


Yeah I really wish the developers would open up some of the options from the kickstarter to purchase I’d be dropping lots of money down for shirts and the like.


I’m sure they’d love to, but there is quite a lot of administrative burden with physical items.

I believe Tom and Tony’s younger brother Chris?! had to be called in to help sort the Kickstarter backer physical items.

So having thought on it a little, as much as I would enjoy some additional Stonehearth merchandise, I would rather they devoted their time to making the game.


yes, it is quite funny.


Lovely drawing :heart_decoration:


Beautiful art just beautiful


had to do a big of soul searching forum diving to find this old post… shows my daughter sporting one of the tshirts… she’s a purple belt now, fyi :smile:


Oh hello there new desktop background, nice to meet you!


I wonder if the community could develop some type of shirt. We put out a contest to help make the next Stonehearth shirt. Pick the best design by the community. Then sell it.


I am in favor of this.

Side note:
I would also like to see someone with a 3D making some voxel statues as merch.


I’d love to see a collection of these pieces released at the end as a desktop background collection and/or as a randomly-picked main menu background for the game.