Twitch Streams audio and chat options

Direct to the point, audio is too low.
For comparison, I have both youtube and twitch at max audio at their players. On youtube (and other videos) I have my Windows (the O.S.) sound at 30 (goes from 0/muted to 100). On your streams (and youtube desktop tuesdays) I have to pump it up to 100… :frowning:
This last stream the audio was better, I end up at sound 80.

Now for the chat. You guys had an awesome idea of capturing on screen the chat, so we can read it with you even when watching it later.
Now twitch has chat replay, so even watching it later the chat will play like how it happened during the stream. Which means that you don’t need to do that anymore, twitch does it for you.
For this one I’m neutral, for once it would be better to have the screen like you want without chat getting a good portion of it, but I also like to watch at full screen, which hides the “real” chat that’s being replayed, requiring exiting the full screen to check the chat (if it was not recorded in their screen).


I somewhat like being able to see when the chat is finally visible to @Tom or whoever else is streaming, personally.