Video Capture recording MAJOR error

Screen freezes in my recording done with camtasia studio.

I am using Camptasia studio 9 to for my youtube channel and while recording it looks as though all is well. when i review the recording it seems to freeze on the screen at random spots and the audio records cleanly but the video does not.

  1. Record the screen capture and mic input with camtasia studio 9.
  2. record a few minutes that seems to play nicely on screen.
  3. REveiew your recording and find the spot where the game screen gets stuck but game audo, mouse movement and mic input all record fine.

it should record as it does with all other screen capture i have ever done, everything on screen

Rendom freeze points of screen capture

i have tried this repeatedly and it repeatedly, yet seemingly randomly chooses to freeze. This ONLY seems to happen during hte creation parts of the game (choosing race and biome, or character creator, or map selection)


stonehearth 0.21.0 (release 703) x64 build

Windows 10
Camtasia Studio 9
Blue Snowball Mic
Dont have all the stats on the guts but if that’s vital i can hunt it down tomorrow

Im attaching a link here to the example of this error i just recorded. Its done this 5 times now. Ive reinstalled the game and the recording software and ive even checked all the other content ive made recently and NON of the other games have this issue.

i have now tried this on 3 other games and the only game that has this issue is stonehearth. otherwise my recording software works flawlessly.

hey there @DrakeHawkins, welcome to the discourse :smile:

this is definitely very odd… has recording worked before on previous alphas, or is A21 the first time you’ve tried to record the game?

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For the tutorial restart, you can delete the user_settings.json in your game folder.

For the game recording, though obviously it will not solve your problem, you can try another recording software. In Windows 10, just pressing the windows key+G will bring up the native game recorder app, for me it is really good, not sure if it will be enough for you.

Probably something between camtasia and stonehearth.
I know that DXTORY was very strange to record stonehearth with also.

I used Bandicam,Dxtory,Action Mirillis and OBS Classic / Studio.

I would say that the best experience i ever had with recording this game or any other game has been with OBS Studio. There is almost no FPS loss at all and it captures everything great from what i tried so far. It’s a bit of stuff to setup to get it going but it has a lot of nice stuff for it and is good as a game recorder and 100% free.

But a easier to use is Bandicam and it works great and a kinda low cost to buy it also

Does not solve the problem with Camtasia but maybe some tips for trying a different recording software

A21 is the first I have attempted on the channel.

Wish I had tried on A20 but I didn’t.

Perhaps I will try another program for the recording. Had this not been seen by any others?

Thanks for the suggestions. As much as I love my camtasia and I will use it for the editing I have had to spend the evening learning OBS. It seems to work well but I’m not sure if I can use the multi audio channel option that the newest OBS offers to let me manipulate the game audio separate from the mic recording. I’ll have to fiddle more with that. Anyway thanks for the help. Series should be going online by Monday at the latest. So glad I can actually record this game. It’s fantastic!

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sorry i missed your reply earlier @DrakeHawkins! :sweat:

i hadn’t seen anything for camtasia before, but i believe in the past there have been a few reports about recording/streaming software causing/having issues with stonehearth. :thinking:

i guess i’ll page @sdee so she can get the right people on the team looking at this.

@8bitcrab thanks for the feedback. it is working decently with OBS but
that software does severely limit things in post processing for me. i
would love to be able to use Camtasia for this in the future

Late reply but did you manage to seperate your audio tracks because OBS Studio allows you to do this with a few settings.
I use only OBS Studio now days because it works the best for everything related to recording or streaming for me and i have Microphone and Ingame Audio in seperate Audio Tracks for Video Editing.

Actually I was not able to get OBS to record it but I had an inspiration
one evening after work and realized one thing i had NOT tried was to use
camtasia to try and record it in NON full screen mode… and it worked!!!
records perfect no lag no freeze ups and perfect clarity! Thanks for
getting back to me about this. IF anyone else has had this issue try non
full screen.