New Tab in Crafting Menu -> Crafters

Maybe this could be a nice addition to the crafting menu:
A new Tab where you can see all your crafters for this profession and maybe what they are working on etc.

Yeah, you can use the citizens menu BUT if you have got 20 or more hearthlings, looking for the crafters can be confusing.


I like this. Even if they didn’t add a whole new panel though, it would be good if you could click on the crafters head in the Orders menu to jump to that crafter in the world.


for this they will add an task manager :wink: its in the background at the moment because its still bugy xD


Yes! This would be so useful! It would also be nice to see the levels and exp bar in the crater screen as well. It’s such a hassle to try to find each crafter in the world to see how close they are to hitting the next level.