Mass Crafting for Basic Materials

I’d like hearthlings that are making base items such as, thread, leather, cloth, ingots, gears, and the such (basically stuff that you need to make a ton of in order to make things from the same person later on) to pick up more than one crafts worth of items IF they are told to craft like 4 at the same time. Like this: Screenshot by Lightshot.

So, basically, instead of running back and forth for one item that could be halfway across your town (Looking at you blacksmiths) it grabs like 4-6 of every item needed to craft 4-6 of the thing you told them to craft. For instance, in the picture, the hearthling would go to my thread chest, grab 4 wool/fiber take to spinning wheel, make one, check that it still has the wool/fiber, if es, craft another and repeat until those 4 are complete, only then would it run back to the chest to get more wool/fiber.

It’s more of a quality of life thing than anything, because I know no one in real life, if possible, would grab 1 piece of material to make one item, over and over, they would try to take as many as they possibly could, to save time :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be really good. We often have ingredients far from the crafters…

I like the idea. :slight_smile:

Maybe this should be something crafters learn to do as they level up? Just a thought.

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what also would be cool, on a slightly different tangent would be the ability to “Link” a chest/Crate to a crafting bench so that crate is used for the storage of items used in the manufacturing of the items by the crafter, instead of them running off and putting it in the other side of the town.

good idea, no?

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Yeah I’m waiting for that feature to get implemented too. I think someone suggested a “priority system” and hopefully they are working on it.