Improved feedback suggestions


The game’s UI has come a very long way since the early stages of Alpha, but I feel like there are a few more things that could be improved to make the game even smoothier, so here are a few things I thought about last time I played :

  1. When selecting an item to build in an artisan’s workshop, usually the one thing you want to know is how much it’s going to cost in resources, and I feel like this information isn’t very well displayed, it’s just a rather small text. Maybe something more visual would be better ?

  2. After you figured out how much building an item is going to cost you, it would be nice to have a way to know if you actually have the resources required to build it, and by extension how much of it you have. There is no feedback telling you you can’t build something because you don’t have the resources, and there is nowhere you can see how much of each resource you have so you can evaluate your stocks.

  3. When creating a building, it would be nice to have some feedback on the size of the floor you’re creating. My OCD makes me want to have houses of the same size and it would be a great help !

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work, I can’t wait for Stonehearth to be finished !


I agree, the lack of knowledge on just how many silkweed fibers I have has bothered me a ton when trying to mass-produce cloth or clothes.


Even if it’s just text, how about making it more dynamic? For example, you want to build ten things, that each cost 2 wood & 1 cloth:

(2 wood, 1 cloth) (18/20 wood (!), 10/10 cloth)

On the left, the recipe per item, on the right, the total resources required for this build order, with insufficient resources highlighted somehow (I can’t do red text or I’d have done that :stuck_out_tongue: ).

It’s been on the wishlist for a while :wink: . Hopefully we’ll see it appear in-game soon :slight_smile: .

Oh, speaking of the building editor… having it tell you what resources you’ll require to complete a building would be nice too :slight_smile: .