Suggested Notifications

I’ve played Stonehearth for 90+ hours, and here’s some features I think there should be:

  1. When a hearthling can’t go home, or can’t go mining/gathering, for example, no path available, there should be a notification/sign to tell me why, an icon of ladder will be enough.

  2. A building is suspended, for example, lack of material, there should be a notification to tell me why.

It’s easy to know the reason for me now, but for a beginner, these situations must be very frustrating.

I definitively would like to see your first suggestion added to the game!

This has been added in Alpha 17 (unstable). There is now an ! above buildings that cannot be built due to a lack of materials. (Though it would be nice to have some sort of notification pop up in like the corner of the screen somewhere too)

If I may take this further, I think there should be some sort of Town Overview menu that could display any buildings that need more materials as well as any work orders that can’t be filled due to lack of resources / workbenches needing to be placed.

Hmmmm I may have to make a mockup and post another topic for this… Could also have buttons for the crafter workshops to make an easy to access town management screen :stuck_out_tongue: