Playable Necromancer mod?

Hullo - long time lurker, first time poster.
Just wondering if it would be horribly complicated to mod the Necromancers as a playable faction?
I imagine it would require defeated enemies to leave behind bones and such to serve as a raw material to raise skellies and ghouls etc from?
I was thinking something vaguely along the lines of Masterworks Warlocks, but more streamlined.
The emphasis of play would be simply vanquishing foes, raising an army, conquering all life on the map, then settling back for a nice hot cup of tea.
Another thought that occurs would be to gather bones, etc from battles, and return them to your graveyard area to ‘plant’, somewhat akin to farmers, to grow more minions.
Obviously these are just random ideas on the basic topic; and the main part of the thread is just simply: Would it be possible to make a playable Necromancer faction?

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hey there @toasteroftoast, welcome to the discourse… er… i guess that should be more of “welcome to the discussion”…

while its probably possible, it would also most likely be horribly complicated… but i wont pretend i know anything about coding, because i dont :stuck_out_tongue:

so instead i’ll just page our lovely modding support, @Drotten

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It is indeed possible to achieve what you want, with varying difficulty though. Deciding what enemies drop is easy, but to raise more skels from those gets a bit tricky. Of course, you could start off with having some form of altar that the necromancer will use to “craft” more minions (just spitballing some idea here).

Also, you’ll have to recreate all the campaings to make them all fit for the necromancer faction.

But, to reiterate myself and @8BitCrab, it is possible to do this; you’ll have to put down some work to make it happen.


Thankyou for your replies!
It certainly sounds plausible, and as you say re-doing the campaigns from the beginning will be the central plan, as the Necromancer faction will have aims quite different to the standard one I imagine.
From what I have gleaned from scanning the forums briefly, it seems simply examining existing mods and game files is a decent basis for learning to mod the game, so I shall being there.
Thanks once again for your assistance, and I will keep you posted on any progress!

That is indeed the best place to start. And, if you haven’t already, you should start with looking at the rayyas_children mod, which contains all you need to create a new faction to begin with. After you’ve successfully created a basic faction, you can look at enhancing it and making it more unique.

Of course, if there’s something not clear about anything modding related, don’t hesitate to throw a question in the discourse. Good luck!


I have to say, wonderful support team you have - for a quite fantastic game as well.
The very best of luck to you going forward, and thankyou for Stonehearth!