[Mod Idea][Class] Necromancer!

So, with the introduction of Engineer we’re seeing non-hearthling based interactions with the world, so to me this creates a interesting question - is our intended interaction meant to be just through Hearthlings, or can we look to have other NPC’s in our villages, working for the over all good?

So, the idea is simple, a new class that would be on par with the Cleric, or from some future mage class.

Class name: Necromancer

Class role: To gather the bones of the dead Goblins and Zombies to create anti-zombie wards, ie, areas that the undead can’t go through, they can summon at the cost of bones a few skeletal fighters that last a short amount of time, as well as using the fallen Headstones of our Hearthlings to make Zombie Hearthlings, they can only do manual labour, require no sleep or food but move at half a living hearthlings speed - and simply do things like move items around the base.

The Necromancer can also create items, being a anti-herbalist, so making toxins that can add DoT’s to your villagers attacks, as well as spell scrolls for a one off attack on the nearest target on use.

Random events: The idea is, well, Necromancy isn’t exactly a science, you never known the true result of your dabblings, with the use of the Unholy Alter (Their work bench) has the random chance of causing a zombie out-break!


I rather like the idea of mage classes entering the world in later stages of the game. But looking plotwise, the undead that have been skulking around my villages are rather evil or created by someone evil. Since both the Ascendency and Rayya’s Children who are fighting these undead would view them as evil I can’t see them willing to use such dark magics for themselves, especially when it involves disturbing the rest of hearthlings who have given their lives for the survival of the people.

I think that if Necromancy will be useable by the player it should be in a new type of people who are less inclined to do good.

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Well - that depends, really, on the lore and how they /do/ see the undead, it depends what the Phoenix Empire is, because that relates to the architecture.

As well - sure, for most it is a bad practice, but just because something is evil it doesn’t mean it won’t be used - as well as why the necromancer has warding zones to stop the Undead from entering, say, a item that emits a radius that they won’t enter - a dark mage using dark magic for good!

Think the difference of white and black witches - using the same magic but for a different intention.

For a mod Idea? Yep, it’s good! =) Quite balanced and interesting idea.

But I really think it is way too much darker than the Stonehearth’s experience is meant to be. The sadism of take the body of a dead and turn it into a eternal slave… Ywww! Nooooo! XD Once it die, let it R.I.P.

Maybe a mod idea like this one can work better with a pack of other mods meant to creat a ‘terror’ themed playthrough, like the candle in the dark. =)

I like the idea of turning dead hearthlings gravestones into skeletons and zombies, though I don’t exactly see a necromancer creating wards against undead.

I remember seeing a Necromancer mod in the Steam workshop.

Ah, here it is: Steam Workshop :: Box O' Vox - Necromancer
Not sure if that is what you wanted.

Whoops, I didn’t notice this thread got necro’d by the person above me :roll_eyes:

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I noticed the class and took it for a spin, though powerful. It does not have the utilities I am looking for. Though I appreciate the effort.