[suggestion] Necromancers can raise your dead to fight against you

To give some importance to the picking up the gravestones of your own fallen Hearthlings, I think any enemy necromancer units should be able to come to a gravestone and raise your dead Hearthling as a skeleton or perhaps zombie.

Not only would this make it important to move the gravestone after a Hearthling dies, but you’ve also got to protect your cemetary! Imagine having a cemetary with a dozen gravestones and suddenly a necromancer makes it past your defenses and raises all of them simultaneously…


I think you actually brought up a reason to revive my favorite thread:

I am not sure if it fits anymore though but the necromancer discussion was brought up on multiple occasions.

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That is a very cool idea. Especially if you dress the zombie model in their latest outfit, or add their hair or something, so it actually looks like a zombie version of that Hearthling rather than a generic zombie.

If a hearthling died as a vegetarian will they come back looking for grrrrrrrraaaaains?