I see dead people... Literally

Here is a suggestion(for the vannila game) Lets say one of youre villegers died(sad) some time ago. That villeger may apear as a ghost(spooky). He/she may give you a quest and give you a reward and/or some xp(sharing his knowlege)to someone with the same profession and you may have to avenge him/her, otherwise he/she will be angry and haunt your town scaring your settelers making the production rate very low. There should also be diffrent reactions depending on the settelers curage, if the setteler is a coward he/she will run away(you get it).
You allways have to avenge them and if you don’t bury them good enough they will return as a zombie that will be a little stronger then normal ones…
This may only happen after some time and be very rare.
Quest suggestions:
Step one: Avenge him/her.
Step two: bury him/her.
Step three: talk to the ghost and get your reward.

Reward suggestions
Soilders ghost: A sword or armor with some random special effect.
Farmers ghost: Ghost seeds(you can plant any crop with it)
Smiths ghost: A ghost ingot(allows you to craft a special wepon).
Magmasmith: A hammer that is a little bit stronger then a normal one.

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P.s. When you have avenged them they might stay(for a limited time) fighting your enemies or harvesting etc.

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I like the idea of the ghost thing, and I think that’ll be a good implementation into the game. Also, the dead villager giving you a unique quest dedicated that that persons job / profession is also a great idea. Maybe something like the quest could be dedicated to what the villager was doing at the time (like collecting wood, berries, or even trapping animals).

The only thing I’d say I didn’t like about this was the haunting idea. I think instead of haunting your whole town, I think it should just be within a certain area in which they died in, like a few meters around the death point, and when someone enters, they are then cursed, and at night the ghost may cause them to haunt the town, like a spy in some way. Just so you have some way of avoiding the haunting.

Other than that, I like the idea :slight_smile:

@Jack Thank you but i think the ghost should haunt the town, i mean if you get killed and youre friends don’t care… You would problably get some revenge.

@Supergamer33 - Then I think if you avenge the ghost, it just flies ghostly around your town, just as a little thing to look at, but when combat is fully implemented, if someone angers you, it should act like a siren and turn red and fight for you :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jack I like the idea… But only if you have helped them and they choosed to stay(for a limited time) other wise it would be like: Dude im going to save you like you totaly saved me… Oh wait…

{ @Supergamer33 }

Haha, liking where this idea is going, hoping this can be added, even if it is just a mod ( @Alfie, looking at you to make this >:( )

This is definitely something I would want to see in the vanilla game. The idea definitely needs to be expanded upon. Like how about say a pet like a dog died. That dog might come back as a ghost and you could do some quest that involves burying it or maybe giving its bones to the ghost. As a reward the Dog would become a Hellhound and fight beside your soldiers (I myself would like to see a Houndmaster class added and if it is added then that hellhound would fight by his side.)

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@Newf i like it but i don’t know what to say about the class thou.

I like dogs. So I want this class. Its more of a petty hope than anything solid. If it isn’t in vanilla game I will probably add it in as a mod.

hey there @Supergamer33, welcome aboard! :smile:

I like the general idea of the mod… avenging your fallen comrades is always a worthy objective… this could be an easily repeatable task for “XP and loot”… :wink:

@Newf maybye the hellhound would follow its owner but then will go into a blood rage and kill everyone or die and go to heaven when its owner is dead…

So like a ware wolf in some way?

@Jack nope… Its just a normal dog… on fire… with bornes sticking out of its flesh and has sharp teeth that coul bite through steel… So basicly a normal dog.

@Supergamer33. Makes sense to me :stuck_out_tongue:

@SteveAdamo i meant it to be a part of the vanilla game…

so @Supergamer33, i remember @Tom talking about this in one of the live streams of Q&A to where if a player does not do something with the dead body like bury it correctly then it would come back as a zombie or something like that

well, there’s this rather old quote from one of the earlier livestreams:

Can we raise the dead?

Yes …it has to make it in, we don’t know how, but it has to make it in. There will be some way, you might not like it. Maybe this is how the zombie apocalypse starts … maybe the penalty for losing someone is that you have to ‘res’ them, and ‘ressing’ them too often could turn them into a zombie … zombie apocalypse should be a way to lose the game

There’s quite a sprawling discussion on death in this thread if you’re interested.

In terms of your suggestion, I feel it could work if it was a really rare event. If this happened with every death I can see it becoming more of a burdensome task than simply dealing with the dead bodies.

Having to constantly deal with the ‘ghost’ to avoid production debuffs etc. I think would quickly becoming tiring and annoying.

As for perhaps a module, or random event where the spirit of a lost settler returns with a quest for some sort of reward, then that definitely sounds like something I could get on board with.

This idea is brilliant!