Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?

What happens to people who die in battle? Also will villagers die of old age?

good question really.
corpses either bury them or turn them into zombies (i dont care)
but if there’s aging that’ll be awesome!
villagers making families having babies and what not= super fun and addeds to the roleplay feel of the general game. now all we need are goblins kidnapping children and we’ve got a great game


Getting all serious about it doesn’t really fit the feel of the game, at least from the few videos we have seen so far. Be it humans or monsters, having corpses simply vanish (and leave only loot) is probably the best.
I don’t really see how weeping widows wading trough a field of corpses after a big battle could work in Stoneheart…

Depends on how deep the devs want to delve into the whole relationship thing. But if they want to base the game upon big epic battles, with lots of casualites, having a deep character system is more a hinderance than a boon, as every villager lost should be replacable

I don’t see old age happening. It puts time pressure on finishing aspects of the game so you can get new citizens or have your village rot away because you neglected farms. Same reason babies won’t exist as new villagers come in following food supply.

Could of course change as the game is developed.

They will probably just fade into nothingness, but I like the idea of a funeral pyre or something. It depends on how often the villagers will be dying. If they are dropping like flies then anything but just fading into nothing would start to get really annoying after the first few times.

I don’t like the idea of ageing. It will feel like you can’t relax as much because before you know you’re carpenter or blacksmith is on his deathbed. Plus if you have an awesome soldier that has been in a lot of battles, you will be comes really attached to him. Especially how each guy has a unique name and not all men are clones of one another. It would be a shame if your favourite guy died of old age. It will be interesting to see how they deal with corpses. Disappearing seems like the best idea. Maybe they could hang around for 10 minutes and then maybe some animation of the body disappearing. That way you still have a field of corpses after a battle for a while but it doesn’t get in the way half hour later on. But I do like the idea if ceremonial burials and funeral pyres.

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As much as I would love age to factor into the game, so you can watch settlers develop, have families etc, with skills and traits passed down through the generations, I do feel that the time pressure that you mention is what would make it too damn hard.

Oh well,someone get modding!


Yeah, aging and babies aren’t gonna happen according to one of the livestreams. I guess technically nothing about aging was talked about, so there’s still a possibility, but I doubt it for reasons @Glisern said.

There was also talk of the baby mammoth growing and getting larger, but it was during the mod livestream, hinting that if we wanted things like that to take place, it was up to us to mod it in.

Aging, babies, families, etc. would all be very easy to mod in if you had the talent in Lua. I, myself, think that it takes the cutesy out of the game and would definitely add the time sensitive feeling and rush gameplay. RTS gameplay is usually rushed enough with the threat of enemy factions. I think adding aging would just give you more things to worry about in the long run and would hinder the fun factor.

And as for the original question, upon death I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of death animation, possibly a little gravestone spawning where the event occurred and then you’ll feel super sad inside and want to avenge your fallen comrade. I doubt they’ll turn into zombies unless their death was caused by some sort of afflicting magic or otherwise. Ghosts might also be a possibility. It’d be interesting to see ghosts of your former civ’s wandering around at night randomly. At least you wouldn’t have a total disconnect from that civ.

my money is on some lovely particle effects when both enemies and units “expire”…

im curious to know about looting though… i posed the question for the twonk interview, so perhaps it will come up…

I want a mass explosion of red to completely cover the ground, faces, walls, sky, everything. To remind my disgusting settlers what they have done.

I hope it haunts them.


lol. I can see a family gathered around an old man laying in his bed. He smiles and drifts softly into death. Then he explodes painting the entire room and all the people in a pool of red.


Haha, ah man, that made me laugh, the thing is you’re just playing zoomed out, the doors shut on the house, and you just see a load of red explode from under the door and into the street - zooming into the house and it’s just plastered in red.

there are some seriously distur… interesting… yes, interesting folks on the forums… :smiley:


Headstones. Headstones EVERYWHERE.

I’ve been thinking about this as well. I think it would be the most fun if there was an aging process, since having multiple age groups would ad some diversity to the town management and ascetic feel.
For example, the town’s children would run around the village playing games and exploring; and old villagers, while not as strong as younger ones, have much more experience and can apprentice villagers to learn jobs faster.


It’s been a very very long day alright?!

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I was thinking… you COULD add the ageing portion, as well as keep farming at a stable level…

If you mod this in of course. If the farm level tells the game how many families can be there, you add in that each family can ONLY have two babies. if that is the level, then the population will not sink or increase.

Thus, increasing population would be in two’s instead in order to make a new family.

The worst part of that would be coding the idea of incest and hereditary skills (profession to maybe/not)

This is the type of thing that makes aging appealing to me. You can twist around the lengths and attributes of the life stages to provide whatever level of challenge you want, even make the game easier if you feel like it; that part isn’t what I care about. It’s the possibilities for new behaviors and new interactions that makes aging interesting.

Social skills, accumulated scarring/injury, attitudes towards risk and work, craftsmanship, needs and wants, role in the community… so many things can change with age. I feel there’s a lot of potential in there.


Making an awesome legacy for a warrior who had a son who became an even better warrior (:
inheriting traits and so forth would give this game great depth and instead of you going like “ok villager one, two and three are going to be farmers all the rest do whatever” you would pick a profession for each villager depending on his traits (you can choose not to also) thus making him good at the profession that fits him or average at another profession the might not suit him but he still does

It wouldn’t seem right seeing the Magma Smith die of old age. But I do love the ideas of this diversity. So the carpenter can train his son to be a carpenter and things like that. And we can have a legendary soldier training the young bloods at the barracks but he’s too old to go on raids and all.