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A cool feature is that if you will be able to have toodlers/kids you could choose to have them raised by the family(occupies one parent, like one parent can raise 3 toodlers/kids at a same time) or the kids can be raised at a kindergarden(raise 10+ kids). Just an Idea, it maybe wont work out but it would be cool.

hi @sn1ckers … here’s a quote from the AMA:

Q: What about the family model? Two people have a kid and that childs
traits is based on the parents and the father passively trains him/her
on at home etc… also I hope you mange to.answer one of
my questions today

A: We want your settlers to have relationships: to fall in love, mourn
each other when they die, etc. Kids are tough. We’re not sure how to
model kids moving from infant through childhood to adulthood. Maybe we
can do something simple like have an infant to pow instantly “levels
up” to a little kid then bam later becomes a full grown adult. We’ll
keep thinking about it.
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Yeah I heard about that on the livestream, I even heard that they where thinking about the opportunity to “buy” new villagers. But I think that the approach you quoted are more fun. And maybe a combination with migrations waves like in DF.

I like the implementation of children. Gives some nice flavour to the game. Something to fight for, Children means a precious helpless good you have to protect instead of just some building/stone.

Although childs traits based on parents is good, It is too passive to my liking with no control over it. For example your blacksmith get a child, but you really want a farmer.

I was thinging about a system with 3 ‘tiers’, inspired by the system for knights in the middle ages:

toddler stage:
he is just toddling. He inherits traits from his parents.

upbringing stage:
Allows to give “toys” to children, made by carpenter or blacksmith or someone else.
For example a small tree for a kid to take care of, and gives traits for woodcutting.
A tiny farm which gives farming traits.
Wooden sticks to fight rabbits for soldier traits.
little shovel for building sand castles which gives mining traits.
magical ball for magic professions.

page/squire stage:
Gets assigned to a profession as a sort of servant and helps with simple tasks. For example getting iron bars for the blacksmith, helps carrying woodblocks for carpenter at slow pace. Brings the grain to the mill at slow pace and so on, with the reward of traits.
auto-assign to the profession related to the toy it was given in the upbringing stage or helps dad/mom if none was given.

After this stage it is a full-grown man/woman.


hey everyone do you think there will be kids that you have to build schools they enroll to . and if you don’t the work quality wont be good . for example carpenters who were not enrolled to schools will craft basic things and not advanced things . pr there may be a % chance that they will become robbers . i think that would make the game a lot more fun and hard :smiley: why not talk about it here (: .

Actually it is not clear yet how “kids” will be implemented in the game. It was mentioned that the devs would like to have them in… but it is not sure yet how. Just re-sizing the models might not look great, and also they have to figure out how “growth” will work (just a “ping” and you are old?).

For sure this would add a lot of new possibilities… just as you have started to describe :wink:.

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There was a very very long and large discussion surrounding family and raising children, it delved into all sorts of things and in particular was the inheritance of skills from parent to child.

From the official side of things, I don’t think there will be children in the game, as @Voxel_pirate mentioned above it’s how you manage them.

I can see a family aspect being modded in most definitely, with all the things you say above, but as for the vanilla game, I’m not sure.

I’ll try and find the discussions bear with me!

Edit: Perfect

The inheritance discussion, as well as a lot of other stuff

The inheritance discussion, as well as a lot of other stuff

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excellent sleuthing… :+1:

i almost feel bad merging the threads… almost