Some Immersion Improvements + other

Just a few things to make it feel more like a town rather than some form of prison labour camp:

Assigned Beds and buildings:
This would give each person an actual place to call their own home in the town rather than sleeping wherever they feel like. Its a minor thing but i’d like my mason to live and work in the building i made for them.
Also assigning soldiers to a specific building could mean they patrol in, or around the building and attack things that come near. Or it could act as a barracks. This would allow castles and keeps to be occupied rather than my empty alone tower standing watch on a hill nearby.

Potential first person mode:…?
Take control of a person and be able to walk around and see your town from their perspective - not essential in anyway just an interesting idea.

Relationships and Families:
Randomly the people can just fall into a relationship. Maybe then make them default to one of the assigned player homes together. Also add children, do nothing but play and drain your food supplies :stuck_out_tongue: . This would allow the growth of your town through other ways than people just randomly deciding to move there. To counter the growth of population through children you can perhaps make it so people grow old too.

  • Side note, perhaps when people arrive the next day rather than just sprinting into town they could arrive by a cart or boat (if near water) that drives off or something.


Currently, if I want to move some recources from one stockpile to another I have to ban using x recourse in all the other stockpiles apart from the one i want it moved to. Then unban it, etc. However if there was a way to set workers to just move x amount of recourse to a different stockpile and potentially some form of “maintain x amount of x recourse here” function to make sure it’s always stocked. Stops the people having to run across town to get a brick to build their bench or something.

Military Classes:
Perhaps something like a Mage or a wizard? Throwing fireballs etc, that kind of stuff. Maybe first step is enchanter, then wizard, or something.

None of this is essential to gameplay but it just adds a little more depth to the village. I know its still in early access and you may have planned some of these things already but its just a few things i’d like to see.


This is an amazing but complicated feature

there is a game called the guild that is a medieval life
simulator that on a LAN with my friends had an amazing time having in an town
families each of us took a different role ( the priest, the mayor, the baker,
the thief)

but i think stonehearth is not exactly focusing on that…

yep i replied to another fellow hearthling that assigned
buildings is a nice feature and can give buildings more meaning except the
moral boost!

as for the military building they could have range for territory
( no enemies could spawn near them as an example)

training new recruits by experienced hearthlings if there
are target dummies/arena in the barracks etc.)

True, but it’d be a nice addition as it’d make the town/city/village etc more alive and moving rather than just people running around constantly working. I still see where you’re coming from though.

I have always wondered why they dont want to include children in the game, there are many games that make the art of child bearing and the dangers for children in games seem alot less brutal and very much age relevant to the younger ages such as “Viva Pinata” and its mating minigame its just a little puzzle with some dancing and love hearts at the end its “Wack” or whatever kids are calling cool these days… as for the more undeniably grizzly side of life why doesn’t the criteria for a child spawn require a house and has to have either a 2 level house or 2 rooms a minimum or something and when a mob of any kind comes within X blocks they run and cower in the house and they hide in the “bedroom” and the “parents” fend off the monster with stat increase “in their home” and have “young ones” in the front or lower room only they path out of the house regardless of town defense mode or not when realized monster presence and if they meet their fate then the child moves to the next house or 2 “Parents” immediately take their place. but have the child related to no one so there’s no concept of losing family when they are all technically family they could just of been uncles or aunts… although i started saying that they don’t want to they may want to it just maybe complexity and priority but i sure hope what i remember hearing on a stream about not having children was just for the moment in time and there will in fact be infants or other means to get additional Hearthlings as waiting everyday for a person to wander in is immersion breaking after a while and the brutality of parent loss in a game with death in it already isn’t worse in my eyes than death itself. I just really want this and i don’t want legalities and reasons to hold this back i want children in the game it would add so much character and immersion to the game regardless of how they do it they made the game this awesome already! I’m sure something as small as this is childs play for them… pun unintentional