Multiple Suggestions

Good morning Stonehearth, I have multiple questions for you concerning the gameplay. Some of them are maybe already answered and if you can, it will be nice to put me a link somewhere so I can see where to find those answer. (Sorry for my English, it is not my first language).
*French is my first language, feel free to talk to me in French.


• Will you be able to assign houses to a settler? It’s mainly for role-play, but I think it will be interesting that settler have their own house where they build memories in them. For example, if I make a farm on the outside of my settlement, I want my farmer to live there and not in the middle of my city. Also, if I want to make a Kingdom or an Empire, it would probably be more logical that my King or Emperor live in a freaking big palace instead of a small shitty commoner house.
• Will you be able to put lock on your (I don’t get the you’re or whatever rule so sorry) house or maybe warehouse? For example I want my resources protected in a granary, I would like that it is locked behind a door so Goblin can’t get to it too easily.

People happiness and town worth

• This is more of a suggestion than a question, do you think that it would be interesting to do military parade ? I could easily see footman and archer parading in front of the Emperor/King/Lord Commander with the crowd looking at it. Their happiness could be augmented by some sort of patriotic feeling and the town worth could be raised by the strength of the army. It goes in the same way of the Fair or market that some people discuss already. Also, it would be fun to ad the title to your leader. ( Ex : Lord Commander Aton Nefarius, King blabla)
• It can go the other way, if you want a more peaceful nation you could go for a different type of leader.


I think settlement need someone who is in charge of the important stuff like Diplomatic relation, taxing the setters or whatever a VIP does. You could chose the type of leader you want. Do you want a military leader like the Lord Commander of the Night Watch, do you want a King or a Emperor as the head of State or do you want someone the people have voted for. Tell me what you think about that.


Would be fun to customize the name of your soldier, the default are probably footman, so if the feature is there you could rename them. ( Ex: Footman to ranger or Legionnaire or whatever you want it to be)

That’s all for now, I have a lot of free time this summer so I will probably think of some other stuff.


welcome aboard @EmperorGermanJoe! :smile:

I would hazard a guess, and say this might eventually be possible…

i’m not 100% sure, but I believe this has been mentioned before as a possibility… or at least, having door function such that units can come and go, but mobs will likely have to “bash” in a door to gain entrance…

you might want to take a look at this thread… quite a hearty discussion:

I believe we’ll be able to do just this… :+1:


Thanks a lot for the link @SteveAdamo ! :smiley:


I remember this being asked and i think the answer was something like.

After a sims sleep in a bed they claim ownership making it so that others can’t sleep in it until
A) the sim dies
B) a large amount of time has passed since the sim slept there (the sim moved sleeping quarters).
I think the also talked about stuff being automatically claimed after a bed near the stuff was claimed… Though he may have just been throwing ideas out there.

I hope this answered your question…

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Yep this is good stuff, thanks a lot !

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I have realized that if a certain feature is in Dwarf Fortress, it has almost definitely been considered for Stonehearth. Seriously, it works every time. Besides adding 3D, infinite terrain, and overworld focus, the devs have done pretty much nothing not included in DF.

I was trying to make a storage building the other day so i created the building, put a storage grid inside and put doors on it.
I thougt the doors would prevent the goblins from getting my stuff, but that blew up in my face quite fast tho.

So my suggestion is that normal doors is made so goblins or hostiles has to destroy them in order to get inside
That way you can get some kind of protection for your storage area.

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hey there @Makimera … your post was merged here…

i know the OP mentions a handful of suggestions, so feel free to elaborate on the specific locked door option (which i absolutely second!)… :+1:

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I did the same thing @Makimera did so of course I’d like some sort of locked door.

Also, in addition to the ‘watch for invaders button’ how about a ‘cower in your locked houses like babies’ button?

Just a thought :smile: