Ideas for the Game


Hey guys I don’t know if any of these ideas are going to be read but I feel it is worth a try.I think it would be a great idea if there were multiple kingdoms in a game and if you conquer a kingdom there is a high chance the people of that kingdom revolting, and you have to do micro managing to make a peaceful compromise to their problems, but of course you can always send you army to crush them but you don’t want to be killing the peopling of your kingdom. There should also be an option at the main menu allowing you to choose the level of management you would like to have in your game, getting to the more advanced level you would have to choose a worthy king and nobles for your kingdom the nobles would own bigger houses and possibly slave if that is the way you wish your kingdom to be ruled, the king is also vital in your game leveling up the way an animal trainer would, first possibly being a village chief at level one and an emperor at the top, I believe it would also be a good idea that the game allows you to choose(I’m not trying to be racist here) weather your people are all white, all black, or a mix of both. The options give you useful traits in your people like the white option will allow for your kingdom to be better with money and big structures, and the black option will give your people better means of training, hunting, and possibly fighting, the mixed option will give your people the best of both, but you will in turn have to deal with discrimination problems in your kingdom and will have to deal with it in ways that you see fit. Oh yes and I almost forgot that in the game there should be other kingdoms more advances and more built up than your and others. Since your people had to come from somewhere.

These are just a few of the ideas I have for this game, and I hope they are of good use for anybody using them.


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