[SUGG] Graveyard

Using the zone tool it would designated a place for where gravestones would be placed. The soil would be tilled like the farm except without the till bump. Then workers would place gravestones in the zone. Could even have villagers visit, when there idling.


Would be the perfect place for some of my collected flowers.


a dead zone sounds rather depressing but i like the idea perhaps you can just move them like plants though

you know you could make it yourself right? you move the tombstones then add a farm so thats 1x(2,3,4) and ta da graveyard
then place plants where you want


I am totally going to try this the next time I play! (and get zerged)

Maybe once you designate a building as a temple/church you also place a tombstone plot.

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Better yet, they should make a pet cemetery! ahah that way you can resurrect you’re villagers equaling in endless villagers >:)

Concerning the graveyard idea:

If we ever get the ability to see our hearthlings in love, having a place for the stones to automatically go, and an idle hearthling to go mourn their loved one might be a nice, albeit morbid, little touch.